Sespy causes a stir with his answers in the culture test

The first question was easy, so easy that Bosco Martínez-Bordiú failed.What animal produces wool and communicates by bleating?”. Robinson wrote ‘llama’ on his board because ‘sheep‘ seemed too obvious to him. His mistake cost him a very hot chilli pepper, while the rest of the group laughed at the irony of his response. This moment illustrates how even in simple and well-known situations, overconfidence can lead to unexpected and funny results in programmes like Supervivientes.

The level of the All Stars Survivor test increased in the second question. “What is the world’s largest country?”. Sofía Suescun and Alejandro Nieto incorrectly stated that China and the United States were the largest, while most of the survivors correctly identified Russia as the largest country on the planet. This moment underscores the importance of basic geographic knowledge and how incorrect answers can arise even among participants who face cultural challenges on shows like Supervivientes.

Then he asked about Romeo and Juliet, novel written by “Sespy”, according to Olga Morenobecause of the bats and the river that runs through Paris. There were plenty of correct answers, but some gaffes caused quite a bit of embarrassment on and off the island. These moments highlight how even seemingly simple questions can reveal gaps in general knowledge, leading to comical and embarrassing situations in an environment as competitive as Survivor.

Without much hesitation, Laura Madrueño launched another question in Supervivientes All Stars: «Who wrote Romeo and Juliet‘?». The main concern of several of the survivors was how to write the surname of Shakespearealthough everyone recognized the correct author. Sofía, Alejandro, Abraham, Lola and Olga stumbled with the spelling, while the rest got it right. In the end, everyone was allowed to have a bonbon, but Jorge Javier Vázquez suggested that those who wrote it wrong also have a chilli, which happened as the culmination of the fun challenge in Supervivientes.

While Olga suffered more than the rest of the penalized, Laura continued with “What is the only mammal that can fly?”. On this occasion, Marta Peñate, who did not know the answer, said “I”, knowing that she would eat chili peppers.. But also, Abraham, Jorge Pérez and Olga also did not know that it was the batso their empty slates were their spiciest condemnation in Supervivientes All Stars.

The last question that was broadcast on Supervivientes All Stars was one of the ones that received the most hits. “What great river runs through Paris?”Laura questioned. Perhaps because it is such a well-known travel destination, Almost everyone got it right, and although Bosco wrote ‘Senna‘ , they accepted it. The one who did not remember the answer was Olga Moreno, who was still stuffing herself with chilliesbeing the survivor who obtained the worst results in this test. This was in contrast to the trajectory of Logan Sampedro, who was the only one who did not make a single mistake throughout the challenge, therefore enjoying five delicious chocolates.

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