Furia called her “dirty” and Yanina Latorre promised to brush her teeth: this was the spicy back and forth

Furia called her “dirty” and Yanina Latorre promised to brush her teeth: this was the spicy back and forth
Furia called her “dirty” and Yanina Latorre promised to brush her teeth: this was the spicy back and forth

Juliana “Fury” Scaglione continues with his media raid in search of making people forget all the controversial moments that he starred in the house of Big Brother for six months, and now he chose to blame LAMand especially to Yanina Latorre of everything that is said about her.

Fury visited It got stung (Republic Z), the streaming cycle where Gaston Trezeguet y Laura Ubfal She was encouraged to launch against the cycle of America legal warnings, especially after a report that claimed the participant did not raise the rating of the programs I visited.

Fury destroyed Yanina Latorre (Photo: YouTube capture)

They already made a program with meI was the protagonist, They all filled themselves with money… enough my friend, let me live“Fury said, with Ubfal behind him assuring that “For now they are not going to leave you because you continue to perform”.

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Yes, they are going to leave me because they have nothing else to talk about.“, warned the former participant, who was left in sixth place in the reality show after being eliminated with 62.4 percent of the votes, and pointed against Latorre, asking him to “brush your teeth”.

Photo: Video capture by X (@catanation_)

“Yanina Latorre, brush your teeth because you have a shitty smell in your mouth”. Brush your teeth, friend. You like the show, I give you a show“, she said, and also said that if LAM does not stop bothering her, she will go to court to ask for a “legal muzzle”.

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The focus then turned to what Yanina Latorre was going to say in her show on El Observador. “It doesn’t even offend me. Everyone asked me for a statement, but…What am I going to discharge about someone who does not exist?? ¿Who is Fury?” the host asked on air.

She is a girl who is enlarged because he was in the Big Brother house. He didn’t even make it to the final, He left with almost 70% of the public votes against him“Latorre ignored her, but did not stop there and promised to brush her teeth.

“Since she left the house, Laura Ubfal, Lorna and the hair… by Gastón Trezeguet They are making her believe that she is Madonna and she speaks in the third person, comparing herself to Maradona. “Who are you, what did you do? Put up with other people’s opinions,” he advised her.

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