The stupefaction of the contestants of ‘Supervivientes All Stars’ upon learning of the unexpected second expulsion

The stupefaction of the contestants of ‘Supervivientes All Stars’ upon learning of the unexpected second expulsion
The stupefaction of the contestants of ‘Supervivientes All Stars’ upon learning of the unexpected second expulsion

One more Thursday, Jorge Javier Vazquez has informed the contestants of ‘Supervivientes All Stars’ of the audience’s decision on who would be expelled this week. This time, they were Jorge Perez and Olga Moreno lthose who faced the votes of the spectators. After that Bosco Martínez-Bordiú was saved last Tuesday, these two heavyweights of the contest were left in the hands of the followers of the Telecinco reality show. Well, the time has come and Olga Moreno has been the second to be expelled from the program after Adara Molinero opened the list last week.

It must be remembered that Both Jorge Pérez and Olga Moreno won ‘Supervivientes’ in their day. In the editions in which they participated, they achieved the precious victory and both wanted to repeat the feat. But in the case of the businesswoman, this will no longer be possible. A decision that has left everyone stupefied because there were two heavyweights who were exposed to the decision and the participants did not know how to choose one or the other when it came to pointing out one of the two as the one to be expelled.

Reactions to Olga Moreno being expelled from ‘Supervivientes All Stars’

The first to react to this decision of the audience, It was Jorge Pérez. After Olga Moreno had to say goodbye to the contest while he continues his adventure, she has led the former Civil Guard to thank the viewers for the decision. “I wanted to thank all the people who have supported me. Thank you for allowing me to continue in this experience, in this adventure and in this challenge. I am going to give it my all,” he said with a firm promise about how he plans to give his all in what remains of the contest.

Afterwards, it has been Olga Moreno The one who has spoken. After saying goodbye to all her companions, even those who have been her enemies in ‘Supervivientes All Stars’, the second person to be evicted from the edition has said a few words. “I’m leaving with sadness, I’m not going to lie to you. But Jorge deserves it, he really wants to. I needed to give a little more but I’m leaving happy,” she commented. Words with which she has shown her regret for having to say goodbye to the experience and with which she has acknowledged what she believes to have been her biggest mistake. Olga believes that she should have given a little more in an adventure that has been a bit difficult for her due to a personal matter.

It should be remembered that a few days before the program began, Olga Moreno’s mother passed away. This is an issue that has made her more worried than she was on many days and has caused her to break down on more than one occasion. That is why she has not been able to give everything she would have liked.

As for the rest of the contestants, there have been both slow and more intense reactions. Among the latter, Lola’sAfter leaving the Palapa due to an argument, the contestant returned to say goodbye to her friend. They both hugged each other and Olga told her partner to “enjoy the contest. Promise me that you will be relaxed, because you have a very nice peace.”

On the other hand, the one who has been most pleased with the expulsion of Olga Moreno has been Sofia Suescun. Just a few minutes before knowing the decision of the viewers, they had a discussion. “He just likes to give people shit. If you see him on camera, behind the camera I can’t even tell you,” said Olga about her partner. Something that brought a resounding zasca from the influencer. “How you like to invent an entire life. Experience supports you in life. Inventing parallel stories,” she said to Olga.

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