I’m dying of laughter 2024: When is it released?

I’m dying of laughter 2024: When is it released?
I’m dying of laughter 2024: When is it released?

The year 2024 brings with it anticipation and expectation for fans of the Mexican comedy show “I’m dying of laughter.” This popular television productionknown for its combination of humorous sketches and quirky games, is gearing up for a new season that promises to maintain its legacy of entertainment and laughter. However, this time fans are faced with unexpected news: the absence of Mariana Echeverriaone of the show’s standout figures in previous seasons.

When does the new season premiere?

I’m dying of laughter is planning his long-awaited return to the screen on July 22, Announcing a new season full of humor and entertainment for all its followers. This popular Mexican program has earned a special place in audiences’ hearts thanks to its ingenious combination of hilarious games, comedy sketches and the dynamic participation of a cast of talented comedians.

With each episode, I’m dying of laughter promises to offer memorable moments and guaranteed laughter, keeping alive the tradition of providing fun for the whole family. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting to discover the new surprises and challenges that this season has in store, anticipating a television experience that promises to be as exciting as it is fun.

Where and at what time can it be seen?

To see “I’m dying of laughter” 2024 live, viewers can tune in to the Canal 5, where the program will be broadcast. The broadcast is scheduled for 20:00 hoursCentral Mexico time.

Will Mariana Echeverría be in the new season?

The upcoming tenth season of “I’m dying of laughter” in Canal 5 will be noticeably different without the participation of Mariana Echeverriawell-known comedian and television host. According to recent reports, Mariana opted not to be part of the program due to her relationship with peach, the show’s leader, had deteriorated. In an interview with Yordi Rosado, Echeverría revealed that she had experienced abuse without specifying names, but stressed her deep love for a project she has always cherished.

Faisfor his part, responded to the rumors by assuring that the decision that Mariana The reason she did not participate in this season was her own. Although she expressed her desire to meet her in the future and her continued affection for her, she preferred not to go into further detail about the circumstances that led to her absence from the program, which is broadcast on Televisa.

Despite Mariana’s absence, it is expected that the tenth season of “I’m dying of laughter”continues to delight fans with its signature humor and entertainment. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the surprises and new dynamics that the team has in store. This new stage will continue the tradition of introducing special guests, further enriching the television experience.

The enduring success of Me Caigo de Risa is based on its ability to combine entertainment with an accessible and family-friendly format. Improvisation and dynamic interaction between cast members and guests create a fun and spontaneous atmosphere that has won over viewers. season after season.

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