WEEKLY PREVIEW > Dogan, in jail for killing Çagatay, from July 8 to 12 in ‘Original Sin’

After discovering Ender and Yildiz’s plan, Handan plays along, waiting for his moment to act. The woman is willing to play with both of them and will start with Yildiz… making Dogan see her closer to Çagatay every day, and for this he will not hesitate to use Halitcan.

Ender confronts Ekin for betraying her but the boy asks him to be patient and trust him: he has a plan against Dogan. Ender also confronts Çagatay knowing that they are hiding something and warns him.

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A molester appears in a park near the mansion street and harasses a girl. Sedai is shocked and tells Ekin about it.

During dinner at the Yildirim mansion, Ekin shares with everyone his intentions to move into his apartment with Kumru. He thinks it is time to leave the house and live as a couple, but Dogan does not approve of his decision and manipulates the situation to make him give up.

The boy disappears during the night and Kumru notices. Worried, she also wakes up Dogan, who senses that Ekin has resumed his vigilante “habits”.

When Ekin returns home, he tries to hide it from Kumru, but Dogan takes advantage of a moment alone with him to warn him. It is time to stop killing people, otherwise his double life will end up splashing Kumru.

In the morning, Sedai discovers that someone has beaten the stalker to death and shares his suspicions about Ekin with Çagatay – the look on his face when he told her about him has stuck in his mind. Çagatay is hesitant, but remembers Dogan’s warnings.

Handan makes Halitcan sick at school so that Yildiz and Çagatay can be together. The little boy has a fever for days and the former couple have to see each other constantly… Dogan starts to get tired of the situation and soon takes action to separate them.

He also makes Yildiz see that he is not comfortable with the fact that he is spending more and more time with Çagatay because of the child’s problems.

Handan tricks Kumru into believing that Feedo has swindled her out of all her money. The woman claims to be in a very bad state and fakes a suicide attempt. At the hospital, Handan reveals to Kumru that Ender and Yildiz pushed her into Feedo’s arms.

Kumru complains to her father about Yildiz’s maneuvers, but Dogan knows Handan well and knows how far he is willing to go. To smooth things over between Handan, Kumru and Yildiz, the businessman will give Handan a large sum of money, but in exchange he will have to leave the mansion and leave Yildiz alone… however, Kumru has already acted in favor of his mother… by donating all his shares in the company to her.

Nurgul accuses Çagatay of harassment and the news quickly hits the press. The businessman is seen by the public as a stalker… and his lawyer advises him to seek support from former partners to testify in his favour.

Çagatay asks Yildiz for her support and she does not refuse, until Dogan makes her see that it can be counterproductive for the future of Halitcan… soon, all the children in the school will make fun of him for the fact that Çagatay appears before society as a bully…

But not only that, Dogan suggests to Yildiz that she should break all ties with Çagatay, even sue him to take custody of the child…

We soon discover who is behind Nurgul.

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