‘The Boys’: Eric Kripke Explains Billy Butcher’s (Predictable) Twist and Why He’s “Not Like Venom”

‘The Boys’: Eric Kripke Explains Billy Butcher’s (Predictable) Twist and Why He’s “Not Like Venom”
‘The Boys’: Eric Kripke Explains Billy Butcher’s (Predictable) Twist and Why He’s “Not Like Venom”

This article contains spoilers

del episodio 4×06 de ‘The Boys’.

The sixth episode of the fourth season of ‘The Boys’ will go down in history as one of the most twisted, explicit and depraved of the Prime Video series, which is saying something. But between BDSM, scatology, orifices that expel white substances and scenes that seem inspired by ‘The Tit and the Moon’ by Bigas Luna, the chapter gave us A moment that has nothing to do with fluids or paraphilias and that many of us have been waiting for since the season began..

The twist came at the end of the episode, titled ‘Something Stinks,’ with the revelation that Joe Kressler, the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is actually part of Billy Butcher’s imagination (Karl Urban).

‘Fight Club’ version of ‘The Boys’ (Prime Video)

Joe appears at the beginning of the season. Morgan’s character is an old friend and army buddy of Billy’s, but it turns out that Billy couldn’t save him when they both served in Afghanistan and he died. Now, Joe is a hallucination caused by the tumor caused by the modification of Compound V that Billy has in his brain..

Yeah, like when Katherine Heigl (Izzie) saw Denny (also Morgan)his deceased ex, due to his cancer in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. If we were given a euro for every time Jeffrey Dean Morgan has played a dead character who returns as a hallucination of a character with a tumor, we would only have two euros, but it is curious that it has happened twice.

“The first rule of Episode 6 is: nobody talks about Episode 6.”

Despite keeping it as one of the surprise twists of the final stretch of the season (although Kripke was clear that he didn’t want it to happen in the last episode), the truth is that many people expected it (you only have to visit X/Twitter to see it). Comparisons with ‘Fight Club’ have not been long in coming, and even Prime Video itself has made a reference with a wink on social networks to David Fincher’s film, which along with ‘The Sixth Sense’, popularized in the late 90s the phrase “he’s actually dead/only he sees it”The audience, of course, has already seen it all, and this, coupled with the fact that Billy was already hallucinating about his dead wife, made it especially easy to put the pieces together.

With the cake out of the way, Kripke explained to Entertainment Weekly the creative process behind the twist. The showrunner reveals that The idea came about when the writers started looking for a character specifically for Morgan.with whom Kripke worked on ‘Supernatural’ (as did Jensen Ackles, who plays Soldier Boy, and Jared Padalecki, who has already confirmed that he will also appear in the fifth and final season).

According to Kripke, the plan was always for Kessler to be a misdirect. “We wanted Butcher to deal with his light side and his dark side,” Kripke explains. “And he spent so much time in isolation that we had to dramatize it. The notion of the angel and the devil on his shoulders came to him right away.” The angel he’s referring to is, of course, Billy’s wife Becca (Shantel VanSanten), whom he also sees for the same reason. The big twist comes when Joe starts talking to Becca, causing Billy to realize that they are both hallucinations that only he can see..

No, it’s not a symbiote

In addition to ‘Fight Club,’ another reference that may come to mind when thinking about Billy and Joe is ‘Venom.’ However, Kripke doesn’t believe that the relationship between his characters will be like the dynamic between Eddie Brock (or other incarnations of the character) and the Marvel symbiote. “I don’t think that [Joe] “I’m like Venom,” he says.I don’t think he’s someone with his own point of view who wants to eat chickens or whatever.but represents the dark and evil side of Butcher.”

In this sense, the writers’ intention was to draw a parallel with his antagonist in the series, Patriot (Antony Starr). “In very different ways, both Butcher and Patriot are struggling with the dilemma of whether they are human or monster,” says Kripke.Kressler represents Butcher’s monstrous side and Becca represents his human side.. These two facets are at war, but they are both Butcher.”

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