Why TVE is removing ‘La Promesa’ from its programming and when will the series return?

Why TVE is removing ‘La Promesa’ from its programming and when will the series return?
Why TVE is removing ‘La Promesa’ from its programming and when will the series return?

TVE has cancelled this Friday’s episode of ‘La Promesa’ in order to broadcast a programme prior to the quarter-final match between Spain and Germany at Euro 2024. The public channel has made this decision that has a direct impact on the broadcasting rate of the fiction.

The series produced by Bambú has thus reduced the number of episodes this week, despite initially announcing that the five corresponding episodes were going to be offered. However, it has been decided that it is appropriate to suspend the episode for today, July 5.

Bad news for fans of ‘La Promesa’, the explanation for which is associated with the broadcast of the big match between Spain and Germany in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024, which will be held from 6:00 p.m. on La 1 de TVE.

A formidable and decisive sporting event that will be the focus of all the attention of television viewers. Therefore, for a match of this calibre, a longer pre-match programme than usual will be held, as indicated in the official programme.

A change in the schedule that will automatically mean that ‘La Promesa’ will be excluded. However, this Friday La 1 will only offer half an episode of ‘La Moderna’ from 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. and, immediately after, it will start the preview of the match between the Spanish and German teams in which we will play for a place in the semi-final of the tournament. To see chapter 392 of the series we will have to wait until Monday 8th if there are no changes.

Preview of chapter 392 of ‘The Promise’ from Monday, July 8

Martina is finally able to speak to the doctor at the sanatorium, but he does not believe her version of the terrible incident with Juana. However, in one of her worst moments, the girl receives a letter that restores her hope. Who will it come from? Curro?

Petra, indignant, discovers that Jana and María Fernández are not where Rómulo told her after making his inquiries, but the butler puts her in her place so that she does not continue investigating or sticking her nose in where it does not concern her.

However, the housekeeper is unable to stay out of the situation when, in an attempt to stir up trouble, she tells Santos that she saw Lope and Vera kissing. Santos will start to keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, Rómulo will force Virtudes to make a revelation that will leave her mother speechless and that has to do with her trip to Luján. What will it be about?

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