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The harsh comment that Amador Mohedano dares to make about Carlo Costanzia and Alejandra Rubio: “They won’t make it to September”Benito Dominguez

Alejandra Rubio has become the unexpected protagonist of the gossip column. After nearly 5 months of relationship with her boyfriend Carlo Costanzia, the couple surprised everyone by announcing their pregnancy. Reactions to this unexpected news have not been long in coming and one of the most anticipated, that of the influencer’s mother, has already come to light.

According to the statements that the couple made to Hola magazine to announce the happy news, Terelu Campos was surprised to hear about this bombshell but immediately showed her support for the couple.

A pregnancy that has shaken up the world of gossip and is expected to be as controversial as the beginnings of the relationship between the son of Mar Flores and the daughter of Terelu Campos, who is 3 months pregnant.

The news has not only served to shake up the world of gossip, it has also ended up fattening the couple’s bank account when the scandalous figure they were allegedly paid for the exclusive came to light.

The surprising pregnancy and the relationship between Carlo Costanzia and Alejandra Rubio have been the subject of many critical voices who have not hesitated to question the couple’s decision due to the short time they have been together and the circumstances in which they began their relationship.

Now it has been Amador Mohedano who He has started talking about the influencer, her pregnancy, her boyfriend’s relationship and even Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego.

Harsh criticism

“Amador, what have you become?” was the first thing Carmen Borrego said when Sandra Barneda confessed to her that the person who had described her as “unplowed field” was Rocío Jurado’s younger brother.

And Amador Mohedano was not going to be the only one left without an opinion about hurricane Campos and he also had something to say. Rosa Benito’s ex started with Terelu “it’s how she goes. In front of you she is always very flattering. Terelu is very false, man. When she is in front of the cameras she is the nicest, the one who knows the most, the most cordial, the most I don’t know how much, the most educated… All that very well, she has already finished her task, she gets into the production car and her face changes. On television is when she is nice.”

Regarding Alejandra Rubio’s pregnancy, Amador is clear that Terelu must have taken it very badly and that she must not have taken it well that her daughter was pregnant in the first month of their relationship. “The kid, the problems that this kid has, she is there and she is not. She has her mother’s school, her mother’s school and her aunt’s school. All of that seems very shameful to me, in general. Very hypocritical. A very big lie. Everything. I can’t say another word.”

But Amador Mohedano did not stop there, he dared to give advice to future parents and even predict their future. “A child, a belly, that is a responsibility that changes your life completely. You won’t make it to September. Your partner won’t make it to September, won’t make it, won’t make it, won’t make it…”

Carmen listened in amazement to the speech of the former artist representative, even though she had not yet heard his great phrase of the day: “There are three unplowed fields, there are three unplowed fields.”

The ‘Así es la vida’ collaborator became serious, took off her glasses and proceeded to respond to Mohedano’s criticism: “I hope, Amador, that the unplowed field is not the field in which you are going to poop, which would be what we were missing… Amador, really, you have a lot to keep quiet about, I don’t talk about your family and I don’t know what you’re doing talking about mine. I think he needs to calm down.”

Carmen Borrego does not understand Amador’s criticism and believes that perhaps the things that have happened to him have taken their toll on him. She feels that he is not well and she only wanted to wish him happiness.

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