Big Brother: They revealed the problem that Arturo the dog has outside the house

Big Brother: They revealed the problem that Arturo the dog has outside the house
Big Brother: They revealed the problem that Arturo the dog has outside the house

Martín Ku, the reality show participant who kept the animal, was happy about the reunion, although those close to him revealed an unexpected detail.

Arturo from Big Brother. Photo: Capture.

One of the protagonists of the current edition of Big Brother was Arturo, the cute dog who came in in the midst of competition and formed a strong bond with Martin Kubetter known as “Chino”. After his elimination, the participant left the house with the canine and They revealed a problem that they suffer.

If one thing was clear during his time on the reality show, it is that The dog was more than energetic. This led to various controversies, as some participants were upset and even violent, which led to The shelter where he was staying asked repeatedly to be taken out. of the property, something that did not happen.

Arturo and Martin Ku from Big Brother. Photo: Instagram.

This time it was Marisol, Chino’s girlfriend, who spoke of Arthur and What is it like to live with him?However, she revealed a problem they suffered since her partner left the house with the animal, especially due to the pleasant personality of the canine.

“Arturo is a real guardian. He’s a sweetheart, too sweet. I’ve always had dogs, but never a dog child.“I’m learning little by little. My cats think they own the world, the only animals that exist,” she recalled in an interview. Marisolwhen mentioning how the bond with other animals develops.

Precisely there he explained a bad situation that Arturo is experiencing: “The other day I took Arturo to the house of some friends who had cats and He was looking for them to play with, but they got too high because they didn’t want to. He cried, poor thing.. But hey, they don’t pay much attention to him. He’s a saint.”

El Chino with Arturo in Big Brother. Photo: video capture.

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Big Brother: what Martin said about his relationship with Arturo

During an interview with People, The former Big Brother contestant said that Arturo came in and chose him“It was a super connection and I needed it because there were times when I was more down. I was getting very bored and His entry helped me a lot. It was waking up in the house and feeling that I had company at all times“, he recalled.

She also recalled how their reunion was outside the competition: “He was desperate to see me. As soon as he saw me get out of the car he started jumping on me. It was beautiful.“I am speechless… He is with me now and we are going to live together. Many of the former contestants have already told me that they are looking forward to seeing him.”

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