Furia admitted her game strategy in Big Brother and apologized: “I started to go crazy”

Furia admitted her game strategy in Big Brother and apologized: “I started to go crazy”
Furia admitted her game strategy in Big Brother and apologized: “I started to go crazy”

Written in SHOWS he 6/7/2024 · 13:08 hs

Big Brother (Telefe) is coming to an end. This Sunday, July 7, the special gala will be held that will decide the winner between Bautista, Nicolás and Emmanuel, who received a visit from their former companions in the house to support the campaigns for the culmination of the reality show. One of them was Fury took advantage of his brief return to the game to admit that he “fabulated” and “raved” throughout his participation in order to eliminate players.

Juliana’s confession occurred when the finalists and the former siblings were gathered at the dining room table. It was then that the coach wanted to clarify to Emma, ​​Bautista and Nicolás as well as Licha, Chula and Isabel, that His actions inside the house were simply a mere performance to advance in the competition.

First, Juliana said that the first thing she did when she left the house was “buy cigarettes”: “I hadn’t smoked for 11 years. I went home, La Chula left, Catalina, it’s their fault too, they left, they left me alone with that Agostina.”

In this way, the former little sister recalled the day she decided to put herself in the shoes of Furia, a complex character who was in charge of kicking out 16 of her fellow contestants from the reality show. “One day Bautista came to tell me that they shouted at me to stay away from Agostina and that’s when I started to rave in a way…”he acknowledged. .

While some of the former contestants made it clear that Juliana had only played one role during the 7 months in the house by exclaiming with laughter: “He recognized it! He said the word delirious!”others like Bautista remained silent and seemed uncomfortable with the clarification.

However, Juliana continued with her explanation: “It’s called storytelling. Inside the house, my character used to tell stories. Besides, I’m very creative. So I create my own stories, it’s like a movie. I want you to know that it’s fun for me to live like this, inventing things or creating things, even if they’re not real. Because creatively, that’s what an artist is.”

“In order to survive in here alone, what did I do? I created characters, guys. Fury is a character. A thousand apologies to those who didn’t understand my character and felt hurt. I’m very sorry, darling, but it’s a game and my only way of getting people out was by breaking their balls and their patience. I told them it was unbearable.”he sentenced.

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