What happened while the finalists were in the house

The final of Big Brother will once again mark a milestone, no longer for the national audience but in the lives of the three people who remained until the last night: Nicolas Grosman, Emmanuel Vich and Bautista Mascia They have been in since December 11th the most famous house on television. It was exactly 30 weeks or 210 days in solitary confinement, What news did participants miss?

Considering that all contestants have a short pre-isolation period before entering the housethe three finalists – who are between 21 and 31 years old – were unable to see the ceremony inauguration of President Javier Milei. They are also not familiar with the names of the minister. Sandra Pettovello or that of the spokesperson Manuel Adorninor will they have any notion of what it is Omnibus law nor its differences with the law Bases.

There are presidential postcards that you will only know in retrospect, such as the one from the trip Javier Milei to Antarcticaher crying at the Israeli Wailing Wall or her meetings with the billionaire Elon Musk. The most important one? His recital at the Luna Park. Others photographs that represent this 2024 They came from the social mobilization, like the fastest strike in the history of the CGT January 24th or University March April 23rd.

Surely, the social fact that will impact them the most will be the existence of the new $10,000 billjustified by the 71.9% inflation that there was until 2024. If you travel to La Rioja you will also find the “Chachos” bonuses: Of them, only Emmanuel can remember 2001. They will not be so worried about dengue, although the mosquito invasion He also came home, but perhaps they will be saddened by the death of Nora Cortiñas and give your opinion on the condemns Juan Darthés. What is certain: they will leave the house with the imminent definition of the America Cup.

Javier Milei Luna Park

Javier Milei at Luna Park.

Mariano Fuchila

Nicolas, the most passionate about football, will know that he passed away Luis Menotti and? Students from La Plata became champion of the local league. Everyone will find out that the Real Madrid continues the tradition of being champion of the Champions League and that also incorporated Kylian Mbappéwho ended his relationship with the French PSG. Other relationships that were broken were that of Nicki Nicole with Featherweight o la de Javier Milei with Fatima Florez. It wasn’t all heartbreak: the singer Lali Esposito made public her relationship with the host Pedro Rosemblat.

Emmanuel may go crazy when he sees the recital for two million people that he did Madonna in Rio de Janeiro and listen to the surprise album he released on loop Taylor Swift. You will see how young stars conquered the international scene: Maria Becerra played in Times Square for new year and the Duki filled the Santiago Bernabeu. If anyone enjoys reading, they will mourn the death of the American Paul Auster.

Bautista was unable to vote in the internal elections in Uruguay but you can say that the famous story of the rugby players competed in the Oscars by The Snow Societyalthough in the ceremony Oppenheimer took home all the awards. Many films were not missed: the top grossers of the year were sequels, such as Inside Out 2, Furiosa, Planet of the Apes or Godzilla vs King Kong. Although, perhaps, you can regret some spoilers of Dune 2.

If you are interested in international news, you can celebrate the release of Julian Assange and regret that Argentina excluded itself from the BRICS after a decade of trying to get in. They also missed the election of the First female president in Mexico -Claudia Sheinbaum- and the death of a former Chilean president –Sebastian Pinera-. But the most important thing was in the British crown: the disease of the Rey Carlos III upon barely assuming office and the mysterious disappearance of Kate Middleton.


The announcement of Kate Middleton’s illness was one of the most celebrated moments of the year.

What time will the Big Brother final start?

The gala that leads Santiago del Moro will start from 22:15 hoursas is customary on elimination nights, although this broadcast will be special. During the broadcast, the spectators and the three finalists will relive the best moments of their participation in the house until one of them is the one who turns off the lights and ends the reality show.

The three finalists of this edition have reached this stage after passing numerous tests and public votes, and now they depend on the positive vote of the audience to be crowned the winner of Big Brother 2023.

The public vote will be crucial to determine who will take the title of winner of Big Brother Argentina 2023. According to more than 70 thousand votes from the survey conducted by @fedeebongiorno, a Big Brother specialist, Emmanuel Vich is emerging as the main candidate to be crowned champion with 44.2% of the votes.

By Fernando Brovelli

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