“We only have that on La Voz Kids Spain”

“We only have that on La Voz Kids Spain”
“We only have that on La Voz Kids Spain”

The performance of Juan Francisco has given us goosebumps. The little talent of Rosario has demonstrated in The voice Kids Several things: first, he is a very strong candidate to win this edition, since he was chosen by Rosario to reach the Final, and second, the art that the artists in this country have.

Lola Indigo has pointed out that Juan Francisco He was the third flamenco artist to take to the stage of La Voz Kids during the night. The coach pointed out that the other day she saw on social media a monologue by a Latin comedian which pointed to that predilection that seems to exist in The voice Kidslike what “There are many flamenco children”.

This has made Lola Indigo reflect: “We only have that here, on La Voz Kids Spain”the coach commented, accompanied by applause from the public. “We are very lucky to enjoy the flamenco art of these children”has added Lola.

In addition, the coach has stressed again that Juan Francisco has been the third flamenco artist who went up on the stage of La Voz Kids that night: “They seem few to me”has sentenced Lola Indigocongratulating Juan Francisco for that great performance. Don’t miss any details in the video above!

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