Yanina Latorre revealed who would be the winner of Big Brother

Yanina Latorre revealed who would be the winner of Big Brother
Yanina Latorre revealed who would be the winner of Big Brother


Yanina Latorre, panelist of LAMdared to reveal Who is the winner of Big Brother? according to information that reached him on Sunday afternoon, just hours before the grand finale of the reality show. With Emmanuel Vich, Bautista Mascia and Nicolás Grosman as the three possible candidates, Latorre shared a tweet after noon to alert what the result was up to that point.

“Get voting, for God’s sake! Emma is on top so far. “We have to turn it around,” wrote X, in response to a Bautista fan’s question. Yanina Latorre usually informs before the elimination galas who is about to be eliminated; or, in this case, who would be the possible winner of the edition. In turn, Yanina showed her favoritism for Bautista Mascia, the Uruguayan singer who is considered a likely winner.

Yanina Latorre announced on Sunday afternoon that Emma was the partial winner of Big Brother

Emmanuel Vich, the hairdresser of the famous, It is precisely the one who would face Bautista Mascia in a final one-on-one. Between them two would be the big winner of this edition of the reality show. A little further behind, in third place, would be Nicolás Grosman, according to polls on social networks.

According to the Flow grid and Telefe programming, The gala this Sunday, July 7, will begin at 10:30 p.m. The winner will most likely be known only after midnight.

Santiago del Moro will be in charge of the last Big Brother gala today (TV Capture)

However, From early on, at 9:45 p.m., the preview will be on the air With all the siblings who passed through the house in this edition and with the studio prepared in a special way, with the catwalk included where the last three participants will come out today, among them, the big winner. Will Yanina Latorre’s warnings come true?

Usually, the vote in Big Brother is negative, whereby the public was choosing who they wanted to leave the house. Thus, during the course of this last edition, the siblings were eliminated, which started out as 22. That is why the role of the public In Big Brother it is transcendental because It is the voting that determines who will win the grand prize.

However, this time, Since it is the final, the vote is positive and the show’s fans will have to vote for who they want to win.

Steps to vote in Big Brother:

Another voting alternative is by entering the official site where the nominees appear and you can vote directly, through an SMS or with the Mercado Pago option. The third way to vote is Scanning the QR code that appears on the screen and will lead to the voting process.

In either option, the person who votes participates in a $5,000,000 rafflewhose winner will be announced at the end of the competition.


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