Gaspar, eliminated from the Challenge, reveals her top attractive men: “five for me”

After a close competition with Karoline, Glock and Mapi, Gaspar is eliminated from cycle 12 of the Challenge. The four young women were almost on par for most of the obstacles, until the net where the Alpha member was at a disadvantage.

The young woman insisted that she felt bad and the Sentence Vest did not allow her to breathe, however, she put her fears aside and approached the final calmly, so she finished second on the track.
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Gaspar says who could win the Challenge

After finishing fourth in the Desafío a Muerte, Gaspar speaks exclusively with and talks about his time at the Ciudadela. There he mentions the names of two men and two women who could win first place in the production.

When talking about the male quota, First on his list is Kevyncurrent captain of Alpha, while the second option is Wisdoma member of Beta. On the other hand, the women she thinks could win are Darlyn, captain of the blue squadron and Luisa, member of Omega.
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Gaspar reveals who the most attractive men of the Challenge are

Laughing, the now ex-challenger makes a list of the men who would be in her top five, without a moment’s hesitation she says that Alejo, his group mateis the “most churro of the Colombian reality show”. The paisa is followed by Renzo y Kratosalso from his team, finally Marlon y Kevyn are his chosen ones: “five for me”he says while laughing.

The Omega captain clarifies what happened between her and Kratos, she is sure that it was something that her companions talked about “they made a movie”why with the eliminated from cycle 11 they were just friends and, on one occasion they mentioned each other on top, so things were misinterpreted.

How much money does Gaspar take from the 2024 Challenge?

In the middle of an exclusive interview, the most recent person eliminated from the production confesses that she is taking home a million dollars that she plans to use to buy something that reminds her of her journey through the Colombian reality show, something that is worth her time on Omega, the cold nights and the cycles without food.

The sum that he takes from the competition is 17’500.000a figure that they have accumulated thanks to victories in several of the events, mentions such as the best team of the week and the opportunities in which they did not have to pay rent.

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