Furia’s despicable attitude in the Big Brother final when Bautista won: the video

Furia’s despicable attitude in the Big Brother final when Bautista won: the video
Furia’s despicable attitude in the Big Brother final when Bautista won: the video

In the images that the account shared on X @elejercitodelam It looks like Fury He quickly gets up from his chair and verbally berates one of the program’s workers, making gestures with his hand.

And this was not the only thing since after hugging Emmanuel Vichhis friend on the reality show who finished second, Fury Finally he left the studio through one of the sides and did not participate in the final greeting of all the former participants for Bautistathe brand new winner.

This other striking action by the tattooed woman of not being present at the time of her former partner’s consecration quickly went viral on social media and obviously opened the debate between her fans and those who are against her.

It is worth remembering that Fury She was eliminated from the reality show several weeks ago and has always expressed her desire to reach the final stage and be the winner of the show to take home the prize.

Furia admitted his delusional game strategy in Big Brother and apologized: the video

During his very brief return to the house of Big Brother 2023, Telefethis week to encourage the finalists along with Martín y Lucy, Juliana Furia Scaglione admitted that “fabulous” y “delirious” throughout his stay on the reality show.

Gathered around the table at home, the coach confessed to Emma, Bautista y Nicholasaccompanied by Although, Chula e Isabelwho re-entered to campaign for the finalists, whose actions were always a performance.

After telling that the first thing he did when he left the house was “buy cigarettes”, Carla He told him that he should stop smoking so Juliana explained: “I hadn’t smoked for 11 years. I went home, La Chula left, Catalina, it’s also their fault, they left, they left me alone with that Agostina and one day Bautista comes to tell me that they yelled at me to stay away from Agostina and that’s when I started to go crazy…”.

So, after this confession, everyone present exclaimed with laughter: “He recognized it! He said the word delirious!”.

“It’s called storytelling. Inside the house, my character would tell stories. Besides, I’m very creative. So I create my own stories, it’s like a movie. I want you to know that it’s fun for me to live like this, inventing things or creating things, even if they’re not real. Because creatively, that’s what an artist is.”he argued then Juliana.

While adding:“In order to survive in here alone, what did I do? I created characters, guys. Fury is a character.”and surprised everyone by admitting that he had hurt several of his teammates. “A thousand apologies to those who did not understand my character and felt hurt. I am so sorry, darling.”he slid, true to his style.

Finally, Fury Scaglione He also confessed the strategy he used to eliminate so many players from the competition.“It’s a game and my only way of getting rid of people was by breaking their balls and their patience. I told them it was unbearable”he concluded.

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