“The audiences will be moderated”

“The audiences will be moderated”
“The audiences will be moderated”

After having swept the audiences last summer, TVE is once again placing its trust in ‘El Grand Prix’ for 2024. This Monday, July 8, is the day set for the grand premiere of the new season of the contest, in which we will once again see Ramón García alongside Cristinini, Wilbur and la vaquilla on our televisions. What new tests will we see? How will Michelle Calvó be replaced after her forced departure?

We spoke exclusively about all this with Ramón García, who also predicts what he thinks the ratings will be like for this second edition of the programme, which will have to face the all-powerful competition of ‘Supervivientes All Stars’ after a programming manoeuvre by Telecinco by moving ‘Tierra de Nadie’ from Tuesday to Monday to eclipse its return. Will we see the presenter one day at the Velada de Ibai Llanos, a close friend of his? Will there be a Grand Prix this Christmas?

Ramón García, you are returning to ‘El Grand Prix’ for the second consecutive year. How do you feel about being welcomed back?

RAMÓN – Well, I’m very happy, very pleased, just like last year. Well, this year, to top it off, with new games, with a lot of new things that I hope you like as much as last year.

What can you tell me about these new games that are coming?

RAMÓN – Well, not much, because you have to see it, but they fit perfectly into what ‘The Grand Prix’ is, in the it’s canasin the pool we have prepared. So, as we have seen them and tried them, I think they are going to be very popular.

The Cucaña, the beloved Cucaña, has not been able to be recovered. Why?

RAMÓN – Yes, well, the Cucaña has not been able to be revived due to security issues. Now security is more concerned than ever about everything that happens on television and there were a number of games that, for example, in the case of the Cucaña, could not be done because of heights. You have to put on harnesses, so you had to change from one contestant to another and it slowed down the game a lot, which has to be one after the other, but well, we will try to fine-tune it, let’s see if one year we can revive it.

We see that the cabin of the streamer has moved. What will Cristinini’s role be?

RAMÓN – Yes, Cristina will be with me broadcasting the games, which helps me a lot, because it’s a bit of a split between the two of us. Then she has a lot of sketches that she also covers with Wilbur or La Vaquilla. She’s keeping an eye on the hot potato… The truth is that Cristina does a great job in this ‘Grand Prix’.

We have seen Michelle Calvó’s departure due to work issues. How are you going to cope with taking on the roles of both of them?

RAMÓN – When the ‘Grand Prix’ started, I was the only one who did the programme. In the end, you have to adapt and we were very sorry that Michelle wasn’t there because of her work, because of the series she’s filming, but the dates coincided and it couldn’t be done. So, well, we’ve shared it out.

Last year you were a huge hit in terms of audiences, despite the fact that there was a gap in time between The Grand Prix and the film. What do you expect this year?

RAMÓN – Well, I think that the ratings will logically moderate. It is no longer the novelty of last year after 18 years, but I am sure that it will go well. We have to be above the network, above those figures, which is what the programmers always ask of you. I think that we will fulfill that and that it will be the reference once again for the family. I am more than satisfied with that.

We saw you at the New Year’s Eve chimes with Ibai Llanos. I have to ask you, I don’t know if you’ve thought about him coming one day, to make a speech.

RAMÓN – No, we thought about it last year, because Ibai and I have an excellent relationship. The thing is that Ibai’s schedule is hectic. So, last year, when the ‘Grand Prix’ came back, we tried to cross-check some things in some programs, but it was impossible.

I don’t know if you would see yourself in ‘La Velada’ all of a sudden.

RAMÓN – I don’t know, maybe as a spectator, to have a good time.

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