‘Verano Azul’, the eternal series, returns this summer in double format

‘Verano Azul’, the eternal series, returns this summer in double format
‘Verano Azul’, the eternal series, returns this summer in double format

‘Verano Azul’, the eternal series, returns this summer in double formatRTVE

43 years after its premiere At the beginning of Sunday afternoons it is as if that “end of summer” that sounded when the adventures of friends of Blue summerwould never have arrived. And the one in 2024 could not be less. The series from Guipuzcoan Antonio Mercero with that mythical tune from Biscayan Carmelo Bernaola has returned to programming.

We can find it both on open television and on the Enfamilia channel, from AMC Networks, available on all operators. RTVE has reserved a slot for it on La 2 (2:45 p.m.) from Monday to Friday and, from this Wednesday, it can also be seen in full almost at the same time (3:00 p.m.).

Enfamilia has also scheduled two marathons of the series. On Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September the series will be broadcast in its entirety from 5am.

Children and teenagers of that time can remember, once again, all the stories they starred in. Chanquete, Julia, Bea, Desi, Javi, Quique, Pancho, Piranha and TitoAnd if you watch it with today’s children and teenagers, check if it captivates in the same way from the headboard with all their friends on board their bikes.

It is curious that the 19 episodes of the series, when they were first broadcast, were not exactly seen in the summer. They premiered on October 11, 1981 and their last broadcast was on February 14, 1982. Although until their broadcast a lot of time and money had to be invested. From the time the idea began to take shape until the end of the editing, with the corresponding locations, script writing and so on, approximately three years passed..

Intergenerational sharing

The Malaga town of Nerja was the setting for the series although not everything was filmed thereConil de la Frontera, in Cádiz, and Motril, in Granada, were also locations for Verano Azul.

Verano Azul brought together already established performers with the youngest ones. From Antonio Ferrandis to Carlos Larrañaga, Concha Cuetos, Manuel Gallardo, Manuel Tejada or Helga Liné. Thanks to the series, many people got to know Maria Garralon.

The youngest actors are a special case: José Luis Fernández (Pancho), Juanjo Artero (Javi), Pilar Torres (Bea), Cristina Torres (Desi), Miguel Joven (Tito), Miguel Ángel Valero (Piraña) and Gerardo Garrido (Quique).

Not everyone followed the same path or had the same luck after finishing the series. María Garralón, for example, admits that she had a hard time finding work because all the producers and directors saw her as Julia. For Juanjo Artero, Verano Azul marked the beginning of a career that has led him to successes such as El comisario.

They all agree, however, that the key to success was its simplicity or that viewers still associate the series with happy moments in their lives. This summer brings us another opportunity to relive them.

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