The second season of The First Time is coming

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The first time It is a series made in Colombia that conquered the national and international audience in Netflix in February of last year.

It is a production of Dago Garcia, who besides being its creator is its showrunner, and follows the story of Eva, a young woman who arrives to study at a boys’ school in Bogotá (in Colombia in the 70s) and with her thoughts and ideology changes the perception of men that they have since birth. It is a series full of details, from the clothing to the surroundings, with 70s vehicles, accessories and more props that denote the professionalism of the entire Colombian team participating in this production.

Eva is played by the young actress Francisca Estevez and her lover Camilo, by the Paisa actor Emmanuel Restrepo (the remembered Carmelo de Rigo).

EL COLOMBIANO spoke with both protagonists about their return to this new installment, what it meant for both of them to return to their characters and what the public can expect from this season (including the books that are shared in the series)

When you started this project, did you imagine it would be so successful?

Emmanuel Restrepo: “I started to understand it as we were recording because it wasn’t normal for me to star in a project for a platform. I didn’t understand the size of the project, even when the first season came out when I saw the first episodes, I’ve also said many times, I didn’t have faith in it, but because I was very hard on myself, seeing myself seemed very complicated and not because of the people, but because of me, I looked horrible. When it came out, weeks later we started to see that I was in the top 10 and that it reached so many people and I started to realize, that’s when I understood it and every day I’m surprised by what happens with the project.”

Francisca Estevez: “It was a bit the other way around for me. When I read the script I felt that it was going to be super big and when it came out I had the same feeling as Emmanuel and I think we sent each other voice notes saying like: ‘Oh, I look really bad’ And that was until I started to see that I was in the top 1 and I realized that I had had a big impact.”

What was it like for you to meet again for this second installment?

Francisca: “I had never done a second season. Let’s say that it was a bit difficult for me to know how to do Eva again, because I felt that I wouldn’t be able to do her the same way, that, on the one hand, and meeting everyone again helped me move forward. I love them very much and I feel very good chemistry with all of them.“I was very excited because it’s working with friends.”

Emmanuel: “I agree a lot because in the first season it was very difficult for me to find common ground with the boys because we were 10 years apart, I felt like a gentleman and I was able to reconcile that in the second season when I met them all again, I love them very much, There is a great deal of love and it is not so easy to find that in productions.because in general one has good environments, but how to achieve the feeling that Francisca says, that a friendship became real. In the second season, that friendship became much stronger and trips came, and traveling with friends became a whole experience. It is one of the most fraternal teams that I have had and the one in which I feel best.”

How would you rate this second installment without giving away spoilers?

Francisca: “This second season has some equally important themes, but with a little more weight, because everyone has to go through things that are a little more adult, so to speak. But at the same time, the season also has a lot of things that I can’t say are very new for Eva. It’s a time of transition from teenagers to older beings, and with more problems too.”

Emmanuel: “With this season, I have a lot of the image of that first time we read the script together in Dago’s offices and I remember that everything was like ‘it can’t be’, so if we who knew the story were excited, that can happen to people who see it. I think the first season is very good, it leaves many things, but this one comes with other things that are more recharged, a series that is a bit more adult because the characters are growing and the problems are different, and it is also a different adulthood than today. In the 70s, the way of growing up was much faster and young people undoubtedly faced much bigger problems than us. Our parents’ generation worked from a younger age and that will be reflected and without a doubt it is a new opportunity to live many first times, it is very exciting.”

The first season in The first time There were many literary references, you had time to read some and I also wanted to know if in the second one you will continue to give these book recommendations…

Francisca: “I didn’t have time, with auditions, rehearsals and reading it took less than a month and obviously there were 13 or more books, almost two per chapter that Eva recommended and well, they are complex and big books. What I did do was make a summary of the books to understand how they related to her story, but I have that list and I am planning to read it.”

Emmanuel: “And about this season’s books, I thanked Dago for two things: first, for including Colombian authors who, without giving any spoilers, I can say are among my favorites, and second, for including female authors. This year’s list is going to be much better.”

This is a series that takes place in the 70s, how much did you ask your family, for example, about those references from the decade?

Emmanuel: “For the first season I remember that I talked a lot with my parents, I asked them how it was when they fell in love, because they also lived a similar story of falling in love at school. They did nightclubs in Envigado and they served me as a great reference, I remember that we also had a dictionary that helped us a lot and each one watched documentaries. For this second season something happened to me and it was that I had to remember him again, how he spoke and so on because I came from doing Carmelo and he was giving him Carmelo gestures and no, Camilo is something else. I feel that Dago, from the writing, helped us a lot. Camilo has many sayings that I didn’t know and the directors also helped us, but all the historical or contextual work was already done.”

Francisca: “My character was difficult to reference, to find someone like that from that time, I feel that Eva is very timeless, but obviously I asked a thousand questions to my grandmother, to all my aunts. I feel that we didn’t think much about that while we were recording because the setting, the art, which is spectacular, the story and the directors too, everyone was very careful to make sure that we never strayed from that.”

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