This is what Alejandro Estrada was paid for appearing in ‘Betty, la fea’; he received good money for each scene

Although perhaps many do not know, the actor from Cucuta participated in the popular RCN Channel series and although he was only an extra, he received

Alejandro Estrada has been shining on Colombian television, thanks to some of his appearances in productions in the country. However, his fame has been increasing in recent months. This is partly due to what happened with his ex-wife, a topic that has already been much talked about. But now, the man from Cúcuta is a celebrity and this is partly due to his participation in MasterChef Celebrity. Thanks to everything that has happened and the reality show, Alejandro is on everyone’s lips, which is not so bad, given his life as a celebrity. Thanks to all this popularity, people on social media have remembered when the actor was in Ugly Betty and how much money he made.

This is what Alejandro Estrada received for the scenes he was in as Betty, la fea

Yes, it is a little-known fact, but it is true. Of course, it must be clarified that Alejandro Estrada did not have a big role or a prominent character in the production. In fact, there are many similar stories, of actors who appeared in very famous productions, although only as extras. This is the case of the actor from Cúcuta who now participates in MasterChef. The actor revealed all this during an interview with Diva RebeccaIt was in this space where it became known that Alejandro Estrada’s dream was to be an athlete.

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At just 19 years old, the MasterChef participant traveled to Bogotá to appear at MillonariosHowever, these dreams could not materialize, because he did not pass the physical tests. But when one door closes, a window opens, or so they say. This is what happened in the life of Alejandro Estrada, because when he did not find luck in sports, he chose acting.. This is how he had the opportunity to record in Ugly BettyOf course, his role was not relevant, he was in the back and did not even have a name.

It was one of her first job opportunities, so the pay was not the best. He says that at that time, the daily payment was 30 thousand pesos.It wasn’t the best, but since it was a daily wage, it wasn’t the worst either. Also, for him, being in Ugly Bettyit was a unique experience that allowed him to gain great experience.

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