Brian Moreno left MasterChef Celebrity

Brian Moreno left MasterChef Celebrity
Brian Moreno left MasterChef Celebrity

An accident changes the course of the competition: Brian Moreno says goodbye to MasterChef Celebrity.

MasterChef Celebrity, has established itself as one of the most acclaimed reality shows on television. In this 2024 edition, a total of 22 famous people They have left behind their daily routine to demonstrate their culinary skills. Among the contestants are renowned actors and actresses, comedians, singers and even Olympic athletes. Each of them has started to win the affection of viewers, not only for his talent in the kitchen, but also for their personalities and the dynamics that develop within the program.

What happened to Brian Moreno?

One of the most talked about moments of the season occurred in the chapter aired on June 28During one of the challenges, actor Brian Moreno suffered an accident with a knife, resulting in a cut on one of his fingers. “I really blew my finger offhalf a nail with the finger in half, that’s how I ended up,” Brian explained in front of the camerasshowing the severity of his injury. The situation required the immediate intervention of the channel’s paramedics, who entered the set to stop the bleeding and provide medical attention to the actor.

Due to the severity of the injury, Brian was absent from the competition, as mentioned by the presenter. Claudia Bahamon. She explained that the actor would be out of the kitchen temporarily due to a medical disability. However, his absence would not be without consequences within the competition.

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Did Brian Moreno leave the competition?

In the most recent chapter, Brian Morenor he returned to the kitchen accompanied by his colleagues, who welcomed him with words of encouragement. However, his return brought I get a bitter surprise: due to complications with his injury, the actr was forced to abandon the competition. “I got a fever and the wound got a little infected. I went to the surgeon and, on doctor’s orders, I have to leave the competition,” Brian said through tears. He thanked his colleagues, the judges and Claudia Bahamon for their support, saying: “I carry you all in my soul.”

Will Brian Moreno be in the next season of MasterChef Celebrity?

The episode took an unexpected turn when one of the jurors, Chef Jorge Rausch, offered Brian a spot on the upcoming season of MasterChef Celebrity. “We offer you a place next season,” Rausch commented, sparking a wave of emotion among those present. Brian accepted the proposal with enthusiasm, promising that if the times coincide, he will be in the next edition of the program. He also assured that he will be present at the final of this season to support his teammates.

Before leaving, Brian put down his apron and said goodbye to everyone.regretting his departure but feeling happy to have shared this experience with his companions. They only had words of love and affection towards him, highlighting friendship and camaraderie that has been formed in the competition.

The 2024 season of MasterChef Celebrity has proven to be a roller coaster of emotions, with moments of tension, joy and sadness. Brian Moreno’s departure due to an accident has been one of the highlights so far, showing not only the difficulties and risks faced by the contestants, but also the support and solidarity that is generated between them. Viewers will continue to pay close attention to the development of the competition, waiting see who will be the next to put on the black apron and what other surprises will this exciting cooking reality show have in store for them?

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Published: 2024-07-09

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