Challenge 2024 chapter 65 today July 9

On the Challenge tracks nothing is written and much less in the White Box, so the strong blows and the demands of the obstacles are the protagonists in this Sentence and Well-being test, in which Omega can get into the fight for the best team of the cycle or Beta would have the possibility of securing this recognition.
You may be interested in: El Sentenciado, the Desafío 2024 podcast with participants: you can listen to it here

The name of the man who will face Renzo in the Black Box is known, and he ends up wearing the vest in a kind of revenge, with which they try to teach him a lesson about his way of playing.

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On which platforms can you watch The Sentenced?

El Sentenciado can be viewed on the Desafío’s official YouTube channel. In addition, Internet users can enjoy the most important moments of the interview through social networks such as Instagram and TikTok, where fragments of the meeting are published through a collaboration between the Desafío profile and Caracol Televisión.

Eliminations with two teams in the Challenge

Andrea Serna was in charge of telling the challengers how the eliminations would be in this cycle. And that’s why we’ll explain a little more about it. Remember that during the first stage, four men and four women faced each other, with one of each gender emerging.

Subsequently, and as it had been handled until cycle 12 of three teams, a man or a woman would come out depending on the week in which the participants were, however, with the disappearance of Alpha, this changes again.

The presenter commented that After the tests, a Sentence Vest will be given, first to a man, then to a woman and so on, finally, In the Death Challenge there will be two duelsone of the two sentenced and the other of the two men at risk, therefore, one of each will come out.

How the new Challenge teams turned out

The woman from Huila and the young man from Lorica were the first to choose a man and a woman, followed by Alejo and Luisa. Since then, they have alternated to make their choices, so we will tell you who they mentioned and in what order.

Karoline and Wisdom chose: Kevyn, Darlyn, Yoifer, Dickson, Hercules and Glock.
Alejo and Luisa mentioned: Renzo, Karen, Francisco, Mapi, Santi and Natalia.

When I got home, The Beta captain emphasized her annoyance at losing Franciscosince she considered that she was an important asset within the team, but her teammates consoled her by assuring her that there was no way to keep all of its members.

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