‘Operación Triunfo’ announces the 14-month alert for its generation of 2023

‘Operación Triunfo’ announces the 14-month alert for its generation of 2023
‘Operación Triunfo’ announces the 14-month alert for its generation of 2023

That tik tak that you hear in the background is not the start of ‘4 Minutes’ of Madonnabecause obviously no one would be listening to such a song in 2024. Especially since that would mean streams for Justin Timberlakewhich is something that has not been in style for at least a decade. That tik tak that is heard is the 14 month alert that is beginning to weigh on the generation ‘OT 2023’why Prime Video has announced that the new edition of the competition will start in September 2025.

So, back to the collective delirium, the obsession of the teenage public with someone who calls himself Dililo and arrived from a town in Murcia, and the subsequent random single that he released of outdated dance-pop music during his stay in the Academiawho will then insist for months that it does not represent him as an artist. Especially because it is true: it will not. And he will start his own 14 month alert. And that is usually the infinite loop of the editions of ‘OT‘.

By the time they arrive, the students from the previous edition had better have a convincing project in hand, because they will have a hard time surviving not only their own tsunami, from which they are already struggling to stay afloat, but also the wave of the next one, which will leave them even more underwater. Of course, with Prime Video They still have one more shot to hit at their target.

Before the end of those 14 months alert, the 2023 contestants will be able to show off their experience in ‘La Gira’, a two-chapter, one-hour special that the platform will broadcast this Septemberjust one year before the start of the new edition. The next ‘OT’ will have, for now, the usual team of Noemí Galera y Manu Guixcon Chenoa who will also repeat as presenter, given the good reception she received from the public during her work in the last season.

From now on, with ‘OT‘ already renewed, it is time to see who comes out on top of all this. Will he do it? Chiara with your Oliviarodriguismo?Mayo with his troyesivanism?Juanjo with its apparent turn to folk-pop? Will any of us who didn’t imagine it surprise us?

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