Big Brother 2023.- A Furia fan tried to knock down the door of his house: “Horror movie”

Juliana “Furia” Sacaglione continues to make people talk, after leaving Big Brother 2023 and the end of the program that crowned Bautista Mascia as champion.

On this occasion, the former player had to stop a live broadcast she was doing on TikTok because she was scared by the insistence of a fan who was standing behind the door of her house and insisted on entering.

“Wait for a knock,” “Furia” told his followers and remained silent to listen to what they were saying behind the door. “I’m not going to open it. There’s a fan, they shook my door, I’m not kidding you,” he said.

Big Brother: Fury’s story

“Suddenly it became a horror movie. When I speak, they know I’m here,” explained “Furia,” who also revealed that a neighbor went to ring the doorbell when she noticed he was doing a live broadcast at his house: “I was cooking really well and they rang the doorbell, it was a neighbor who came to say hello because she noticed I was doing a live broadcast.”

This happened after the controversy that took place during the awards ceremony after the end of Big Brother. Her fellow contestants chose her as the best player, but she rejected the mention: “I think she’s a moron, they’re fakes.”

“How are you doing, Furiosos? Well, I don’t think I should win this award, but the award for the 17.2 rating. Thank you for finding me. Thank you to the production team. As much as you all laugh, I think everyone was a protagonist and not just me,” said Scaglione.

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