Coti Romero and Nacho Castañares gave details of their romance with a strong message to La Tora

“It’s beautiful and incredible to see it as a spectator. I think Bauti grew a lot in the game and became a winner because people chose him, so it’s really valid,” Indian Nacho about Baptiste Masciawinner of GH.

“I also wanted him to win, I really like the game so I supported that,” added Coti Romero.

About the beginning of the romance, Coti made it clear: “There was never any back and forth, it was more than people expected or that’s what they wanted, but there hasn’t been any since after leaving the house until this time.”

“At first we didn’t show ourselves but that was because we were getting to know each other. Now I think there’s nothing to hide and this is what we’re showing, happy,” he claimed Nachowho had just separated from his former partner in GH, The Torah.

About what made them fall in love with each other, Coti commented: “I love how she is, a great companion and fun, I discovered another side of Coti that I didn’t know about and I loved it.”

For its part, Nacho highlighted: “He always caught my attention and he is a very mature and good person, he is very emotionally intelligent and he is very supportive of me.”

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Nacho Castañares’ romantic confession about his relationship with Coti Romero: “I fell in love”

The ex Big Brother Nacho Castañares He spoke this Thursday in LAM, America Tv, of his courtship with Coti Romero and he assured that he is in love.

“Coti told me that he fell in love with you,” the chronicler commented Alejandro Castelo a Castanares. “I fell in love too, I met someone else I hadn’t met at home”the former participant admitted.

“We had a nice relationship inside, we fought, but getting to know each other outside is another thing. I’m very happy and I like it a lot,” he detailed.

And he added about how their relationship developed: “We didn’t know what was going to happen, if we were going to want to continue with this, and we simply decided to show ourselves because there was nothing to hide.”

Finally, regarding the comments of her ex-partner, Lucila La Tora Villarsaid: “I don’t know what fame is, it’s a saying, I don’t know what she’s talking about, I didn’t understand them either, everything is fine and I understand everything, but we are ex-couples, I broke up with her more than a year ago, it’s not that I had introduced three girlfriends or Coti two boyfriends before, it’s just that it turned out that we are together and that’s it.”

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