Former host of ‘Venga la alegría’ debuts as an actress in an important Televisa series

Former host of ‘Venga la alegría’ debuts as an actress in an important Televisa series
Former host of ‘Venga la alegría’ debuts as an actress in an important Televisa series

‘Let the joy come: Weekend’ It is one of the programs that has experienced the most changes in recent months, even, Alex Kaffie He noted that this project could go off the air in August of this year.

Although the ‘Villain of the shows’ also stressed that Most drivers would have been fired, Many of them also decided to leave by their own decision.

Drivers of Venga la alegría Fin de semana would have been fired / Instagram

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Sofia Aragon left ‘Come on, Joy: Weekend’ for this strong reason

Such was the case of Sofia Aragon, who made the decision to leave the program for a strong reason.

Rumors indicated that she had spoken to her bosses to to submit his resignation, after learning of the alleged cancellation of ‘Come on Joy: Weekend. However, through Tiktok, the former beauty queen opened up to her followers and She assured that she resigned to fight for her true dream of being an actress.

“I decided, about half a year ago, to give up television in order to pursue my dream of becoming an actress, and although many people told me I was crazy to not let go until I had something secure in acting, I decided to go all out and pursue my dream and believe in it.”

Sofia Aragon

Sofia Aragon / Instagram

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Sofia Aragon debuts as an actress in an important Televisa series

It seems that the Former host of ‘Venga la alegría’ managed to achieve his dream of be an actress. Although it took a long time, the famous woman would be debuting in the Televisa series called ‘Oríllese a la orilla’.

Although Aragón has not given many details about her role in the San Ángel company’s project, she has been very active on her social networks. promoting the series with his followers.

“We are going to premiere this Friday the 12th on @vix, ‘Oríllese a la orilla“,” the post reads.

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What is the Televisa series ‘Oríllese a la orilla’ about?

The vix series ‘Pull over to the shore’starring Michelle Rodriguez and Armando Hernandez, it’s a spin-off of the program ‘40 y 20’, one of Televisa’s most successful comedy projects.

The story follows ‘Brayan’ and ‘Toña’who, after losing their jobs, decide to join the Police Academy. In this place, they put all their effort to achieve their dream of become police officers.

Just as they are about to leave the academy, they learn that they will be graduating early due to the high demand for police officers on the streets. During their time at the Academy, ‘Toña’ and ‘Brayan’ live numerous adventures and get into various problems.

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