VIDEO: The ordeal that Emmanuel went through for his health after the Big Brother final that generated concern

Emmanuel Vichsemi-finalist of Big Brother 2023, would have experienced a dramatic moment days before the reality show final. As revealed in LAM, after seven months of isolation, The former participant received sensitive information and reacted in the worst way.

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As happened with the finalists of the previous edition, the departure of Nicolás, Emmanuel and Bautista from the program generated an enormous media impact. In this context, The hairdresser would have suffered a panic attack due to questions from reporters from different media.

Emmanuel suffered a panic attack after leaving Big Brother

The news was revealed by Pepe Ochoa in the América program hosted by Ángel De Brito. “Emma had a pretty bad situation. Yesterday she had a panic attack when a couple of cameramen approached her.”he said.

“Of course, the chroniclers do their job. He had an attack due to certain questions that he was not prepared to hear because of the isolation issue.. They raised the issue, spoke to production and explicitly asked that they be looked after in the same way that they looked after all the others who left,” he added.

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He then revealed the information that would have provoked such a reaction in his ex-little brother: “Emma at least felt exposed to a question he still had no information about. It had to do with Tomasito Suller and the alleged video with her current husband. They threw it at Emma right away, no producer came out to separate him from the reporters.”

In response to this, Yanina Latorre commented: “Not everyone is affected by confinement in the same way. He just left the house, he came out second, he’s in love with his husband, you go with that…”

What happened between Emma Vich’s husband and Tomasito Suller

At the end of june, Firsts Now A video was released in which Nicolás Suar, Emma’s husband, can be seen kissing Tomasito Suller in a bar in Palermo.

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Both protagonists of the scandal gave different versions of what happened. For his part, Nico wrote: “This is going to be the only story I’m going to dedicate to this, I’m not the one in the car video. The rest is clear that there was no kiss.. Fin”.

On the contrary, Suller admitted in dialogue with TN Show that something happened between them. “I like him. I thought they had an open relationship.” Regarding who recorded them, he said: “A friend filmed us. The thing is that he sent it to his girlfriend and she spread it everywhere, that was not the idea, I mean, It was between us.”

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