Naked woman attacks passengers at Chilean airport and goes viral

A video in which the main protagonist is a women that walks completely naked and attacks people who cross his path at the airport in Santiago de Chile It is viral on social networks.

One of the people who was at the air terminal at that time recorded the video clip and sent it to the Chilean media Radio Bío Bío. In the audiovisual material it is seen when the woman is walking through one of the areas of the place and when she sees a woman, she pursues her to attack her. It happened at the Arturo Merino Benítez airport.

In fact, in the images you can see when the stripper attacks a woman who was walking unsuspecting in the company of a man. The woman grabbed her victims’ hair and knocked her to the floor. The man defended her partner and managed to get him off of her.

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The woman would have arrived at the airport under the influence of alcohol and drugsaccording to the authorities’ report.

After several minutes, some carabineros (Chilean police) managed to arrest the woman. However, she managed to hit one of the uniformed men and tried to attack another.

Social media users lamented the woman’s condition and that no one had cared to try to cover her, although others alleged that with the woman’s aggressiveness it was difficult to get close.

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