Maduro sees Milei as a “tremendous threat” to Latin America

Maduro sees Milei as a “tremendous threat” to Latin America
Maduro sees Milei as a “tremendous threat” to Latin America

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduroconsidered this Monday that the triumph of the far-right Javier Milei in the presidential elections Argentinacelebrated on Sunday, represent a “tremendous threat” for Latin America, due to the “colonial project” of the elected president.

“We are not going to remain silent, because the arrival of a right-wing extremist, with a colonial project, absolutely colonial, kneeling to North American imperialism, is a tremendous threat.”said the Chavista leader, after reiterating his respect for the electoral result, during his weekly television program.

In his opinion, Milei represents the “neo-Nazi right” from Argentina “which aims to lead a colonial project throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Maduro assured that the elected president “it intends to end the State, with social rights and intends to establish on the continent what was the ultraliberal project that was imposed in the 70s”when in the southern cone – he asserted – “they denied all social rights” from a “repressive, paramilitary and parapolice State.”

“We call for reflection on the emergence of extreme right-wing centers that seek to impose themselves to recolonize Latin America and seek to impose extremist models. In Venezuela they have not happened nor will they happen, Venezuela will continue to be a free and Bolivarian land,” he stressed.

On Sunday night, shortly after the victory of Milei, the leader of the main opposition coalition in Venezuela, was announced, Maria Corina Machadocongratulated him on the result, which he described as a triumph of the fight for “change” and “freedom” in Latin America.

The anti-Chavista, disqualified from holding public office until 2030 by ruling of the Comptroller General’s Office, hopes that through political negotiation the sanction will be lifted so she can compete in 2024, foreseeably against Maduro, in power since 2013.

Milei’s victory represents an ideological fracture in the relations between Caracas and Buenos Aireswhich experienced tensions during the Macri Presidency, which returned to normal during the current mandate of Alberto Fernández.

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