Harsh letter from the sister of a femicide victim: “For Giulia, do not have a minute of silence, for Giulia, burn everything”

Harsh letter from the sister of a femicide victim: “For Giulia, do not have a minute of silence, for Giulia, burn everything”
Harsh letter from the sister of a femicide victim: “For Giulia, do not have a minute of silence, for Giulia, burn everything”

Elena Cecchettin said that Filippo Turetta, her sister’s murderer, is not a “monster” but a “healthy son of the patriarchal society that is permeated by rape culture.”

The sister of Giulia Cecchettinthe 22-year-old whose murder at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta shocked Italypublished a letter in which he talks about the femicides and of the patriarchal culture leading to the systemic spread of male violence against women.

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The message of Elena Cecchettinwho was very close to her sister, is being widely shared and commented on on Italy because it clearly expresses several concepts that feminist movements They have been trying to spread for decades.

In the letter published by Il Corriere del Veneto, Elena, 24, asked that Turetta not be defined as a “monster,” because “A monster is an exception, a person outside of society, a person for whom society should not be responsible. Instead, [la sociedad] must be held responsible. The ‘monsters’ are not sick, they are healthy children of patriarchy, of rape culture.”

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Elena Cecchettin explained the meaning of therape culture” as the tendency to minimize and consider gender violence and abuse normal. It is, he wrote, “about that culture.”that legitimizes all behaviors that harm women, starting with things that are sometimes not even given importance, but are very important, such as control, possessiveness, street harassment. “All men are privileged by this culture.”

Cecchettin had anticipated some parts of the letter on Sunday, during a program on the channel Challenge 4. On that occasion, the driver had questioned the final sentence of the message:

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“For Giulia, do not have a minute of silence, for Giulia, burn everything”.

This is a reference to a verse from a poem written by the Peruvian feminist activist Cristina Torres-Cácereswhich was widely shared on social media last weekend in relation to the disappearance and subsequent discovery of Giulia’s bodybut which has been used for years in the demonstrations of the feminist association “Non Una Di Meno” (the Italian branch of “Ni Una Menos”).

“If tomorrow it’s my turn, if I don’t come back tomorrow, destroy everything. If tomorrow it’s my turn, I want to be the last,” says that verse.

Giulia Cecchettin was 22 years old. Last Thursday she would have graduated in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Padua

Elena explained that, beyond the meaning that this expression had in the poem, the meaning of those words is that you have to make a “cultural revolution””, erase or tear down the dominant culture.

According to Cecchettin, it is first of all men’s responsibility to change for the better “this patriarchal society”recognizing the dynamics of power and domination of women in other men, and limiting them.

“It is often said ‘not all men.’ “They are not all men, but they are always men.”, wrote. “No man is good if he does nothing to dismantle the society that privileges him so much. It is the responsibility of men in this patriarchal society, given their privileges and power, to educate and call out friends and colleagues as soon as they hear the slightest hint of sexist violence. Tell it to that friend who controls his girlfriend, tell it to that colleague who engages in street harassment, harass those behaviors accepted by society, which are nothing more than the prelude to femicide.”

Elena described the femicide as “State murder, because the State does not protect us. “Femicide is not a crime of passion, it is a crime of power.”

He also referred to the need to promote the sexual and emotional educationparticularly men, so that the necessary change begins with them.

“We need to generalize sexual and emotional education, teach that love is not possession. We need to fund anti-violence centers and give those who need it the opportunity to ask for help. For Giulia, do not have a minute of silence, for Giulia, burn everything.”

Giulia Cecchettin She disappeared with her ex-boyfriend, Filippo Turettalast Saturday, when she was murdered by him, as revealed by surveillance cameras from an industrial area in which the boy was seen repeatedly hitting her while she told him: “You are hurting me” and dragged her several meters along the ground.

After arduous search work, the body was located last Saturday in a canal next to the Lake Barcis (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, northeast) and the autopsy revealed that he had been stabbed in the head and neck and that she tried to defend herself, since several wounds have been detected on her arms and hands.

After the femicide, Turetta fled to Germany, where he was detained thanks to an international arrest warrant issued for a crime of homicide. He will be extradited in the coming days.

Filippo Turetta, the 22-year-old accused of the murder of Giulia Cecchettin

All information available about the case suggests that it is a feminicidethat is, a murder resulting from violence (physical, but also psychological) that derives from a dynamic of power and control fueled by gender stereotypes and expectations, and that is exercised on women by men who are close of them or who believe they are.

As he wrote on social networks Elenawho from the first moment suspected Turetta, the young woman’s graduation in Biomedical Engineeringwhich should have been held last Thursday at the University of Padua (Veneto), was the trigger for the murder. Turetta was studying the same degree as his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, the fact that she graduated before him, and even though the relationship had broken down months ago, he considered it a turning point. Elena said that she had been worried about Turetta’s possessive attitude toward her sister, but that she never imagined that she would hurt him.

The sister also accused Matteo Salviniof committing “state violence”, after the Italian Minister of Transport and leader of the far-right League seemed to doubt Turetta’s guilt.

Gino Cecchettin, hugging his daughter Elena, attends a vigil in Vigonovo, near Venice, after police confirmed the discovery of his daughter Giulia’s body (Lucrezia Granzetti/LaPresse via AP)

He Giulia’s murderwhose home has become in recent days an “altar” of stuffed animals, flowers, candles, letters and dedicated drawings, has caused a deep social commotion, but also among the political class, with the prime minister, Giorgia Meloniand the leader of the opposition, Elly Schleinto the head.

“Every woman murdered for being ‘guilty’ of living freely is an aberration that cannot be tolerated and that drives me to continue along the path taken to put an end to this barbarism,” he stated. Giorgia Meloni on social networks.

A bill Backed by the Government, which has already been approved in the Lower House and will reach the Senate at the end of this month, it will promote preventive measures to protect victims of gender violence. Furthermore, the Ministry of the Interior urged all schools to keep a minute of silence on Tuesday in honor of Cecchettin “and all abused women and victims of violence.” For its part, an organization of Italian university rectors committed to launching initiatives to raise awareness among students about gender violence.

According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, updated as of November 20, 2023, 106 women were murdered in Italy so far this year, almost one every three days. 87 were murdered in the family and emotional environment. 55 were murdered by their partner or ex-partner.

“True love does not humiliate, does not disappoint, does not trample, betray or hurt the heart. “True love does not hit, it does not scream, it does not kill,” he wrote. Gino Cecchettin, when saying goodbye to his daughter on social networks. “My love, I miss you so much, give mom a hug and a kiss from me.”

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