They express solidarity with Al Mayadeen after Israeli crime

They express solidarity with Al Mayadeen after Israeli crime
They express solidarity with Al Mayadeen after Israeli crime

Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud conveyed his condolences to the families of martyrs Farah Omar and Rabih Al-Meemari, who were killed by an Israeli airstrike while fulfilling their duty to report the truth.

According to the former president, Al Mayadeen is paying the price today for his efforts to shed light on what the Israeli enemy is committing.

In this sense, the head of Parliament, Nabih Berri, stressed that Farah Omar, Rabih Maamari and Hussein Aqeel, the latter collaborating with the team of communicators, baptize independence and national will with their blood.

Minutes, even eternities of silence, are not enough to mourn the martyrs and the humanity massacred by the Israeli machine of killing and extermination, he noted.

In this line of thought, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party indicated that the blood of communication professionals will be a greater motivation to confront the ephemeral state of Israel by all available means until victory is achieved.

From Tunisia, the popular movement denounced that the crime of murdering Farah and Rabih adds to the long history of attacks by the Tel Aviv entity against the media and humanity.

The Ministry of Human Rights in Yemen stated that the new Israeli attack against Al Mayadeen journalists occurs within the framework of a policy of terror and intimidation.

In this regard, the Labor Party in Jordan added that Israel’s continued murder of journalists aims to kill and suppress the truth in its attempt to continue broadcasting its lies to the world.

Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon, Mojtaba Amani, noted that this cowardly act is aimed at terrorizing Al Mayadeen and silencing her resilient and pioneering voice in exposing the brutality of the occupation.

By the way, the diplomat stated: “It is as if Al Mayadeen was destined to offer sacrifices on the altar of truth and the word.”

The Press Office of the Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas in Lebanon expressed mourning for the fall of the martyrs of Al Mayadeen and described the Zionist attack as treacherous.

Also, the leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization here rejected the Israeli aggression against the Al Mayadeen team.

In this regard, they asked all international organizations and UN institutions to condemn this criminal act.

Likewise, the General Union of Arab Journalists stressed that the Israeli crime against Farah and Rabih adds to the black record of Zionist gangs against media professionals.


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