Learn how to eliminate cockroaches quickly and easily with this kitchen ingredient – ​​Teach me about Science

Learn how to eliminate cockroaches quickly and easily with this kitchen ingredient – ​​Teach me about Science
Learn how to eliminate cockroaches quickly and easily with this kitchen ingredient – ​​Teach me about Science

Cockroaches, those insects that we consider our enemies, since they are a risk to our health, are responsible for transmitting more than 40 types of bacteria, as well as fungi, viruses, parasites and protozoa, they are one of the oldest species that exist on earth. the earth. They emerged 350 million years ago, during the period carboniferous and practically nothing has changed since then. They are dangerous because, due to their taste for food, they prowl the food they find and secrete odorous secretions that affect the taste of the food.

Another curiosity about these insects is that they can live without a head for a week, since for them it is not an important part, as they have open circulatory systems. In addition to this, cockroaches do not breathe through their mouths; to do so, they use the holes they have in their bodies. They are able to survive underwater for 30 minutes and stop breathing for 40. Because they constantly suffer from lack of water, they stop breathing on purpose to regulate their body.

As we can see, cockroaches are very resistant animals, capable of supporting and adapting to any environment. Which is not pleasant news for us, since they are very difficult to eradicate and to achieve this effectively, it is necessary to use highly toxic chemicals, which can cause damage to the human body. But, don’t worry, here we bring you an effective and natural option to keep cockroaches away from your home.

How does bay leaf work to eliminate cockroaches?

This little leaf, highly appreciated as a condiment in the kitchen, has great benefits that enhance the flavor of the food and pleasantly aromatizes our dishes. To further reward this sheet, it is also proven to be very good at keeping cockroaches at bay. It achieves this because of its powerful odor, which is unpleasant for these insects. And it will become your great ally to prevent or eliminate the presence of these animals in your kitchen or any other part of your house.

However, since it is not a powerful chemical, bay leaves do not kill them, but they do manage to scare them away, since they cannot stand its smell. Not only is it effective on cockroaches, it also keeps pests away. aphids, flies, ants, moths and mosquitoes, insects that seem harmless to us, but are a health risk. And for this reason, we will give you the recipe to prepare a homemade repellent to keep these animals away:

Laurel repellent against cockroaches

You need:

  • 20 or 25 bay leaves
  • Food processor
  • Glass jar

Procedure: In a blender, add the bay leaves and grind them until they are fine, almost pulverized. Pour it into a glass jar and spread this product on furniture, cracks, drawers or corners and even appliances. The smell it will give off will scare away the cockroaches.

In addition to the repellent, we advise you to keep your house clean, avoiding food remains somewhere in the house or on the floor, as this attracts cockroaches, throw out your garbage regularly and clear your pantry to avoid accumulating expired food.

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