Kenya demands changes in international cooperation

Kenya demands changes in international cooperation
Kenya demands changes in international cooperation

It is necessary to redefine collaboration and leave behind relations between Europe and Africa based on “cycles of debt and dependency” to address global challenges such as climate change, said the president before the plenary session of the European Parliament, meeting in Strasbourg.

Ruto called for a “new era of cooperation and collaboration”, considering the increase in international threats and the urgency of sharing common approaches to climate change, inequality and conflict.

The decisions made now will shape the 21st century, judged the president, who urged to promote a future marked by collaboration, solidarity and commitment.

According to the politician, financing for Africa should not generate more long-term burdens or relationships based on the extraction of raw materials.

The continent, he illustrated, cannot fall into energy dependence and has to take the train of sustainable energy to travel this path together with the rest of the world.

As he stressed, the international financial architecture generates cycles of debt for developing countries, which have to pay increasingly higher costs for borrowing.

This is “indefensible, both economically and morally,” said Ruto when requesting collective will and new forms of cooperation, based on mutually beneficial strategies.


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