transition without meeting between Milei and Fernández – DW – 11/21/2023

transition without meeting between Milei and Fernández – DW – 11/21/2023
transition without meeting between Milei and Fernández – DW – 11/21/2023

The transition in Argentina towards the new Executive that will take office on December 10 began this Monday (11/20/2023) without the scheduled meeting between the president of the South American country, the Peronist Alberto Fernández, and the elected president, the far-right Javier Milei.

Despite the fact that the day before, in the middle of the electoral night that confirmed the triumph of the leader of La Libertad Avanza (ultra-right) over the ruling party Sergio Massa, the Argentine Presidency confirmed that this Monday, a holiday for the Day of National Sovereignty, there would be A meeting between both leaders did not take place.

Sources from the libertarian formation informed EFE that “it is not expected to be today”, something that was later confirmed by the first official statement issued by the Office of the President-Elect of the Argentine Republic, which, continuing a style close to the White House, like the aesthetic used on election night, has created the social network account X @OPEArg.

Milei between calls and meetings

Milei was confined all day in the Hotel Libertador, located in a wealthy neighborhood of Buenos Aires, which he established weeks ago as his electoral ‘bunker’ and where he received different representatives of his political formation.

Also, and according to said statement, he spoke “with foreign dignitaries who contacted him in order to express their support.”

Although he maintained intense activity in the press, with interviews on several radio stations, and gave names that will make up his future cabinet, such as the criminal lawyer Mariano Cúneo Libarona -future Minister of Justice- and the deputy Carolina Píparo -head of the National Security Administration Social (Anses) -, “there will be no announcement of appointments regarding future government positions until the day of the inauguration,” according to the statement.

What both the text issued by his office and the interviews he granted agreed on is highlighting that Fernández and Massa “are constitutionally responsible for the situation of Argentines” until December 10, the date on which his Executive will take office.

Massa continues as Minister of Economy

At the same time, the former official candidate for the Presidency, Sergio Massa, will continue as Minister of Economy and arranged a transition team to support Fernández in his contacts with Milei, according to sources in his portfolio.

In the town of San Fernando (Buenos Aires province), several members of Massa’s close circle met with the loser of the runoff held this Sunday to establish a working group to help the Peronist president in his transition with the incoming head of the Executive. .

This economic transition team will be headed by the Vice Minister of Economy, Gabriel Rubinstein; the head of advisors and interlocutor with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Leonardo Madcur; the Secretary of the Treasury, Raúl Rigo, and the president of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce.

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Argentina chose Milei

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