Milei poses for the first time as president-elect with Fernández

Milei poses for the first time as president-elect with Fernández
Milei poses for the first time as president-elect with Fernández

This Tuesday the first image of Javier Milei as president-elect was published alongside the current president, Alberto Fernández.

The photograph was taken during the meeting that both held at the Olivos presidential residence, in Buenos Aires, where they agreed on the first steps for the power transition.

According to trans-Andean media such as Clarín, Fernández and Milei met after 8:15 in the morning.

The economist participated in the meeting with his chief of staff, Nicolas Posse. Meanwhile, the acting president was accompanied by Julio Vittobello, Juan Manuel Olmos and Gabriela Cerruti.

“Beginning of the institutional transition process”

“The President of the Nation, Dr. Alberto Fernández, received this morning the President-elect Dr. Javier Milei, who will assume his constitutional functions at the head of the National Executive Branch starting next December 10”points out a shared by spokesperson Cerruti.

“The meeting took place at the presidential residence of Olivos, with the aim of start the institutional transition process between the teams designated by both in the different areas of government,” he added.

Let us remember that originally the meeting was going to take place on Monday. However, discrepancies on points such as the location of the meeting and who would participate ended up delaying the meeting.

The so-called Office of President-Elect Javier Milei reported on Monday, in its first statement after the economist’s victory, that “There will be no announcement of appointments regarding positions in the future government until the day of the inauguration.”

“Until December 10, President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, “They are constitutionally responsible for the situation of Argentines.”he mentioned.

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