The similarities and differences that Javier Milei has with Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro

The similarities and differences that Javier Milei has with Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro
The similarities and differences that Javier Milei has with Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro

Much has been said about the apparent similarities that they have the newly elected president of Argentina, the libertarian Javier Mileiand former presidents of the United States, donald trumpand Brazil, Jair Bolsonarobut the truth is that although they share certain common visions also have differences.

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Last Sunday Milei surprised by winning over the official candidate, Sergio Massawith more than 14 million votes, making him the new president of Argentina with a series of promises of profound changes in the functioning of the Argentine State.

After his victory, left-wing leaders in the region as Gustavo Petro (Colombia) and Nicolás Maduro (Venezuela) They were dissatisfied with his election and pigeonholed him as a far-right leader, but For many Milei is a political phenomenon which should not be analyzed lightly.

In contrast, other leaders – more oriented to the right – such as Trump and Bolsonaro were satisfied with Milei’s victory at the polls, since his electoral victory represented a new blow to the Latin American left.

“You will completely change your country and make Argentina great again,” Trump said. Meanwhile, Bolsonaro congratulated “the Argentine people for his victory with Javier Milei. Hope shines again in South America (…) May these good winds reach the United States and Brazil so that honesty, progress and freedom return to all of us.”

How are Milei, Trump and Bolsonaro similar and different?

The main similarity that these three leaders of the region have is that they were all despised at the time by the traditional political leaders of each country for their apparent radicalism, but all three became – at different times – political phenomena among citizens.

Furthermore, they have in common the fact that they present themselves as different political leaders who fight against the establishment and, from their narrative, they try to show that they are facing traditional political elites who want to prevent them from coming to power.

However, his origins and arrival in politics are different, since Trump is a billionaire who did different businesses in the United States and ended up becoming the most popular face of the Republican Party despite his defeat against Joe Biden, in his attempt to get re-elected.

Milei as an ‘influencer’ was born on television in 2015, participating in furious economic gatherings. Then, her comments fed social networks and reached young people, for many of whom her speech was novel and rebellious. Then, in 2021, he was elected deputy for the Libertad Avanza party.

For his part, Bolsonaro has had a more evident political tradition, since he had an extensive time in the Brazilian parliament until he managed to reach the Presidency of that country in 2018 with a bet against the Brazilian left.

Another difference is their political positions, because while Milei defines himself as an ultra-liberal and falls outside the mold of the traditional family, Bolsonaro and Trump have profiles more oriented towards conservatism. Furthermore, the latter two have focused on guaranteeing a kind of state solidity, aiming at protectionism, while Milei seeks to reduce the strength of entities of the Argentine State.

In contrast, all three have in common the strategy of using networks as an alternative channel to traditional media to connect with their electorate. Both Milei, Trump and Bolsonaro made social networks their official channels to expand their speeches.

Furthermore, Milei has shown himself to be a radical anti-communist, targeting countries like China, just as Bolsonaro did at the time. In the case of Trump, his rejection is more focused towards the left, but without the need to avoid rapprochement with countries like Russia and North Korea.

Another difference between the two is that the only one of the three who has solid bases in his country’s congress is the former US president, while Neither Milei nor Bolsonaro have broad support in their countries’ parliaments.

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