20-year-old woman found dead in a suitcase in Medellín: boyfriend left the country

On this Saturday afternoon, Sources from the National Police confirmed to El Tiempo that they set off the alarms in the face of a possible feminicide registered in Medellín.

According to sources, The lifeless body of Laura Isabel Lopera Osorio, 20, was found inside a suitcase. The tenant of the apartment where they found Laura Isabel called the police due to the strong smell who was leaving the place.

In fact, Due to its stench, the owner of the property contacted Jesse Wiseman, a Canadian citizen, who had rented the apartment to express his concern about the smell coming from the place. According to police sources, Wiseman replied that it was most likely the accumulated garbage, which he told him he had not been able to get before traveling, indicating that he had left quickly due to work issues.

The owner of the property, located in the Boston Sucre neighborhood (Medellín), she was not satisfied with the Canadian’s explanation so she entered to the apartment and found a suitcase stained with blood and immediately called the Police. The citizen Canadian rented the apartment for four months, from December 21, 2023 to March 21, 2024 to live with his partner, Laura Isabel.

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The neighbors told the Police and Prosecutor’s Office that the last time they saw Laura Isabel was on February 7 with her boyfriend, in fact, the authorities confirmed that on February 8 Jesse Wiseman left the Rionegro airport for Bogotá and from there for Guatemala, for which the situation was reported to the Central American Police and according to the evolution of the case, support from Interpol could be requested. It is expected to know the results of the autopsy of the young woman’s body, but the case was already labeled as Homicide and if confirmed that the author is his partner, he will enter Femicide.

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, through his account on the social network the crime of women.

“Not one more. What sadness and pain it produces to know about another feminicide. The victim is Laura Isabel Lopera, barely 20 years old. The murderer is most likely a foreign citizen. He is already identified. Yesterday he left the country. Thanks to the joint work between @FiscaliaCol and @PoliciaColombia @PoliciaMedellin, We hope that the arrest warrant will be issued soon and made effective through an Interpol circular. Our solidarity with his family, with whom the care route has already been activated from the @AlcaldiadeMed,” said the mayor.

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