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The student couldn’t stand it and let go of the ceiling pipe. Photo: X: @eduardomenoni

A student ended up with both legs broken after climbing on the roof of a structure at his school and fall when unable to stand. The events were recorded in a video that has been broadcast on social networks.

Climbing on the ceilings or high points of a building is usually a very dangerous challenge that should only be performed by experts. However, some young people have tried to do it, such as a student that He hung from the roof of his school’s field and after not holding on, he fell.

Video: Student hangs from the ceiling and falls

Warning: the following material contains strong images, discretion is advised.

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According to local media, last Thursday, February 8, a student from Colegio 28 de Mayo, north of Guayaquil, Ecuador, climbed onto the roof of his school for unknown reasons. However, it was not until yesterday, February 10, that the event went viral.

In the recording uploaded on social networks by various media and users such as @eduardomenoni, You can see how a young man is caught Spiderman style from a pipe from the roof of a shed which is located in the playground of his school. Moments later, The student’s shoe falls to the floor, so one of the students yells “hey.”

His partner’s scream disconcerted the student who little by little began to lose his balance. The sweat of the moment caused the student to begin to let go, leaving only his hands holding onto the iron bar.

However, seconds later, the young man He could not support the weight of his body or the tension generated, so he fell sitting down. to the concrete floor of the school field. The strong whipping of his body caused his companions to they will be scared and they will scream.

Young man who falls from the roof of his school and breaks his legs

Once the young man it was found On the floor, two companions ran to help him. However, due to the seriousness of the matter, according to local media, school authorities they called ECU 911 Integrated Security Service to attend to the case.

So immediately, Elements of ECU 911 went to the scene and transported the young man to a local hospital. Despite being treated, it was reported that, due to the strong fall, the student it was fractured his two legs, so you will have to take intensive therapy.

At the moment, The reasons why the young man ventured are unknown. from the roof of his school in Guayaquil.

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