Chile confirmed that the body found under a slab in Santiago corresponds to that of former Venezuelan military officer Ronald Ojeda

Chile confirmed that the body found under a slab in Santiago corresponds to that of former Venezuelan military officer Ronald Ojeda
Chile confirmed that the body found under a slab in Santiago corresponds to that of former Venezuelan military officer Ronald Ojeda

The body of the former lieutenant colonel was under a thick layer of cement and inside a suitcase.

(From Santiago, Chile) The Chilean Public Ministry confirmed at night that he body found during the afternoon of this Friday in an illegal “takeover” of the commune of Maipú, corresponds to the former Venezuelan military officer Ronald Ojeda Moreno, kidnapped nine days ago from his home in Santiago.

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“It can be confirmed that the remains correspond to the victim Ronald Ojeda, who was the victim, in this kidnapping case. The date of death approximate, according to Demecri’s doctor from the PDI, he points out that it is between 7 and 10 daystherefore, match also with the date on which the kidnapping occurred,” reported the prosecutor. Hector Barros, who is in charge of the investigation.

Barros led from noon this Friday various errands in a sector near the Melipilla road with Pajaritos, an irregular camp known as the “Taking of the Haitians.”

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In the midst of these operations it was also arrested a Venezuelan teenager 17 years old, who would have had a direct participation in fact, and they were dispatched arrest warrants against others suspects in the case.

Video shows how 4 armed men took the former Venezuelan lieutenant in Santiago de Chile.

“Today the arrest of a Venezuelan citizen who is in custody was achieved. irregular in the country, 17 years old, who was detained by virtue of a judicial detention order released by the Competent Guarantees Court. There are other arrest warrants pending execution also against “other participants in the events”Prosecutor Barros said in the afternoon.

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“Investigative efforts are also being carried out in the commune of Maipú, where in the afternoon it was possible to find a body buried under a cement structure, and that was finally found inside a suitcase and it is also being determined who would be the victim of that event,” he explained at the time.

From the Government, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, He appreciated the work of the police. “We hope that the Prosecutor’s Office refers to the progress of the proceedings. It is evident that during the course of today there has been progress in the proceedings. We want to evaluate them, we have said that here there are professional institutions that are responsible for investigating and seeking to clarify the cases, cases that are complex,” the authority highlighted.

The prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Héctor Barros, reported the tragic news.

Ojeda Moreno’s body was found around six in the afternoon by BIPE personnel, who had to use specialized machinery and even a backhoe to unearth it, as prosecutor Barros himself had already detailed shortly after the discovery.

Ronald Ojeda Moreno was kidnapped the early morning of Wednesday the 21st of this month four armed individuals, with marking caribbean accent and dressed as PDI detectives, who forcibly removed him from his home in the Independencia commune, before the astonished gaze of his wife, sister and son of only four years old.

The former officer had declared “political prisoner” and as a former member of the Venezuelan Armed Forces, on his social networks he denounced the situation in his country.

Finally, it emerged that the Venezuelan minor – and the only one detained so far – will spend this Saturday to detention control hearing for the crime of kidnapping resulting in deathstarting at 11:00 a.m. in the Second Guarantee Court of Santiago.

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