Grandfather left $60,000 in inheritance to his granddaughters despite having $615 million: He claimed that they would not see him

04 Mar. 2024 – 11:45 hrs.

The inheritance left by a grandfather caused a strong conflict in a family in the United Kingdom. He died in 2020, four years later the courts are processing the delivery of his assets to his relatives, except five of his granddaughters.

This is how he determined it Frederick Ward in his will. The 91-year-old felt “upset“that they would not visit him more often, especially when he was going through health problems, so he awarded them a very small sum of money compared to other recipients.

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The former British soldier had a fortune equivalent to £500,000which in Chilean pesos translates to almost $615 million. However, he barely left the five sisters £50some $61 thousand.

Granddaughters received less than 1% of the inheritance

Those affected are daughters of Fred Ward Jr., son of the 91-year-old man, owner of the estate. He died in 2015—that is, before his father—so the five women demanded that they receive the money that belonged to their father.

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In fact, this was contemplated in a first will that the old man wrote, when his son’s death had not yet occurred. At that time, it was stipulated that the estate would be divided between Fred and his two brothers, Terry Ward and Susan Wiltshire.

However, after Fred Jr.’s death, The family separated and the grandfather knew little or nothing about his five granddaughters.. When Terry read his father’s new will, her nieces learned that they were practically excluded from the fortune, leading to a shouting match whose recording was played in court.

It was thus that the women received an envelope that contained only the 0.01% of the great fortune that Grandpa Ward had.

Judge rules in favor of “disappointed” grandfather’s will

The case was analyzed by the judge James Brightwellwho ruled in favor of what was established by Ward in his document, causing the sisters’ dismay. carol, Angela, Amanda, Christine and Janet.

“Some may consider that where the child of a testator (the author of a will) has predeceased him, he should generally leave an equal share to that child’s offspring. However, it can hardly be said that the decision not to do so and dividing the rest is a disposition that no reasonable testator could make,” the judge said in his ruling, according to Daily Mail.

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He noted that Fred felt “upset“because of the few times his granddaughters visited him, especially after the death of Fred Jr. and even more so when one of them got married: “She complained that they had not even sent her a piece of wedding cake,” the judge replied.

Finally, Brightwell dismissed the sisters’ argument that his grandfather had supposedly been influenced by his uncles to obtain a greater amount of fortune.

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