Agriculture without oil in Colombia?

Agriculture without oil in Colombia?
Agriculture without oil in Colombia?

If the search for oil in Colombia is chosen not to continue and ECOPETROL changes its approach, dependence on imports of inputs for food production would increase significantly, generating higher input costs and generating a risk for the country’s food security.

The use of petroleum derivatives in Colombia is fundamental for the production, transformation and transportation of food and has become a fundamental pillar in modern agriculture.

From the production of fertilizers and pesticides to agricultural machinery and food transportation, oil is present at every stage of the agricultural cycle.

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Synthesis of fertilizers and pesticides

Nitrogen fertilizers, essential for plant growth, are synthesized from natural gas, a petroleum derivative. Pesticides, used to combat pests and diseases, are also largely derived from petroleum.

The groups of inputs used in agricultural production are classified into two categories: Agricultural inputs where fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, adjuvants are found; and livestock inputs, composed of balanced foods, antibiotics and antiparasitics, antiseptics, hormones, insecticides, medications and vitamins.

Regarding agricultural machinery, 16.4% of producers have machinery for the development of their agricultural activities, including tractors, combines, engines, among others, that run on petroleum derivatives, mainly diesel and gasoline.

Food transportation It is a fundamental process to ensure the supply and distribution of food products throughout the country. Food is transported in tractor trailers or trucks, trains and ships, which use fossil fuels.

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Oil imports in Colombia

Colombia imports around 75% of the fertilizers it needs, mainly urea and phosphates, 42% come from Russia and Ukraine, and the remaining percentage comes from the United States, India and China.

It was evident how the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had a negative impact on the price and supply of fertilizers such as urea, which increased the price by up to 150%.

This mainly hit national producers whose production costs increased in the midst of a terrible situation in which crop prices do not reflect production costs nor are there profits from agricultural activity.

The end of oil in Colombia?

Both President Petro and Agriculture Minister Jhenifer Mojica have declared that Colombia can become the world’s food pantry.

In contrast, they fervently state that oil is no longer an economic option for the country. The question that remains in the air and is little talked about is whether this path is convenient for national agricultural production, which increases dependence on imports of agricultural inputs and with it the production costs and prices of food to the consumer. final.

The reality is that humanity will continue to depend on petroleum derivatives for many years to produce the calories necessary to feed the population. Therefore, instead of doing without oil, it should be national policy to promote the production of inputs that we can produce and synthesize in the country, from crude oil derivatives, as Mexico and Brazil are doing.

It is also a monumental nonsense that, while the trend to increase oil production grows in the world, in Colombia they want to do without this resource that is a source of wealth and that has allowed the economic sustainability of the country and the little development of the regions. .

Taking into account that there is a growing global demand for crude oil, if Colombia stops producing oil, other countries will satisfy that demand, so the country will be forced to import the oil that it will continue to demand.

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