When to cut your hair according to the moon phases and when it is good for business

For astrology, for example, the Moon has notable effects on our emotions and our hair. What’s more, renowned stylists promote this calendar when they have to give their clients a style renovation.


There are phases of the Moon that are more convenient to cut your hair.

The phases of the Moon in April 2024

  • Last quarter: April 2.
  • New Moon: April 8.
  • Waxing quarter: April 15.
  • Full moon: April 24.

April lunar calendar: what days to cut your hair to make it grow stronger

These will be the best days to strengthen our hair:

  • Wednesday 3
  • Thursday 4
  • Friday the 5th
  • Sunday 12
  • Monday 13
  • Tuesday 21
  • Wednesday 22
  • Thursday 23
  • Thursday 30

The following lunar calendar dates are also highlighted for faster hair growth:

  • Monday 8
  • Tuesday 9
  • Tuesday 16
  • Wednesday 17
  • Thursday 18
  • Friday the 26th
  • Saturday 27
  • Sunday 28

April lunar calendar: what is the lunar cycle

Since time immemorial, the Moon has played a primary role in various cultures. Its journey through the night sky has outlined the cycles of life, calendars and all types of rituals.

Each lunar cycle begins with the new Moon, the point of greatest interiority of the Earth’s natural satellite. This phase concentrates all the force of the beginnings and beginnings. It is the ideal time to set a goal.

In the next phase, the first quarter, the Moon gives us all the necessary push to achieve that goal. that we have proposed.

Woman cutting her hair.jpg

Don’t cut your hair at any time! Check the phases of the Moon and the days that are most convenient for your hair.

The full moon (next phase), It is the moment of greatest expansion of the satellite. Then you can identify everything that we achieved, because This is the moment of greatest clarity in the cycle. At that point, the movement stops growing and begins to decrease or contract.

During the last quarter phase, it is essential to analyze the experience, see what we were able to advance and abandon what was not achieved.

April lunar calendar: how the phases of the Moon influence business

At the new moon it is too early to make important decisions and negotiate. It is advisable to wait at least two days, explains astrologer Patricia Kesselman.

The crescent Moon favors the signing of contracts, company registration, starting of companiesopening businesses, holding events, making investments and even opening a bank account.

The full Moon plays in favor of sales, plans, reorganization, company mergers, parties and social gatherings.

Finally, the waning Moon helps with debt collection and the conclusion of companies or credit procedures.

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