Israel takes off its “Doomsday plane”: this is this impressive aircraft

Israel takes off its “Doomsday plane”: this is this impressive aircraft
Israel takes off its “Doomsday plane”: this is this impressive aircraft

The Government of Israel announces that the “Doomsday plane”, which had not been used in years, but was activated after Iran’s attack on the Jewish country.

This aircraft is a Israeli Air Force One Boeing 767-338 and is designed for command and control operations in emergency situations, including nuclear war scenarios.

The aircraft is used exclusively for the Israeli Prime Minister and the President of the State of Israel. It is used for trips outside the national territory and inside It has sophisticated technological systems to guarantee its operation for several decades.

In accordance with Blu Radiothe term “Doomsday plane” is not exclusive to Israel, since countries like the United States and also have aircraft similar for the protection of their political leaders.

These aircraft are equipped with analog technology and are capable of resisting nuclear attacks and the effects of electromagnetic pulse. Besides, They can replenish supplies in the air and only need to descend to the ground to lubricate the engine once a week.

Why is Iran attacking Israel?

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard stated this Sunday that it launched an attack against Israel in retaliation for the bombing against the consulate in Damascus on April 1, in which seven members of the Revolutionary Guard died.

Dubbed “Operation True Promise,” the attack is “part of the punishment for that illegitimate and criminal regime” in reference to Israel, the elite military body indicated in a statement collected by the state agency IRNA.

Shortly after that announcement, Iran’s Defense Minister, Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, warned this Sunday that any country that allows the use of its airspace or territory to carry out attacks against Iranian soil will receive a “strong” response.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has repeatedly insisted in recent weeks that “the Zionist regime must be and will be punished,” threats that have been repeated by virtually every senior official in the country following the attack in Damascus.

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