the DAIA’s repudiation of José Mayans for his comparison of Israel with Nazism

the DAIA’s repudiation of José Mayans for his comparison of Israel with Nazism
the DAIA’s repudiation of José Mayans for his comparison of Israel with Nazism

The Delegation of Argentine Israeli Associations (DAIA) repudiated the controversial statements of the senator from Unión por la Patria Jose Mayanswho compared the State of Israel to Nazism.

“From the DAIA we express our strongest repudiation and condemnationbefore the expressions of the National Senator José Mayans who makes a unfortunate analogy to the Israeli response to the Hamas attacks of October 7, ensuring that ‘demonstrates its military power like the Nazis did’who also, showing their ignorancename Hezbollah as the author of what happened on October 7, and not to Hamas as the author of the facts,” the entity said.

Mayans launched a reprehensible comparison of the State of Israel with Nazism due to the attack in the Gaza Strip.

“We reject Hezbollah’s (sic) attack on the Israeli nation, a cunning attack, that cannot be accepted. Armed people attacking young people who are dancing, taking hostages, we absolutely reject what Hezbollah has done in Israeli territory, which has been the beginning of the conflict. But we also understand that Israel’s response was disproportionate. demonstrates its military power at this time as the Nazis did“Mayans launched while discussing the specifications of the ambassadors in Israel, the United States, Paraguay, India, France and the OAS.

“It was an extreme response, complete buildings, but the worst of all was blocking humanitarian assistance and killing people from the United Nations who were going to help the town that was devastated, hospitals devastated. The entry promoted by the United Nations of food and medicine for the people who are in the Gaza Strip,” added the head of the Peronist bloc in the Senate after Israel’s response to Gaza for the multiple attack that left 1,200 Israelites dead and more than 200 kidnapped.

One of the first to respond to the senator’s statements was the PRO national representative, Sabrina Ajmechet. “I don’t know if everyone knows this anti-Semite. His name is José Mayans, he is a senator from Formosa. Watch the video, get to know him,” she said.


The national senator of the Union for the Homeland of Formosa condemned Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Ajmechet even presented a repudiation project against Mayans. “The trivialization of the Holocaust by the Senator when comparing one of the greatest genocides in history and the attempted extermination of a people by an authoritarian regime like the Nazi, with the war policy of a democratic State that defends itself against an attack against its population, represents a contemporary example of anti-Semitism according to the definition of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IRHA) adopted by the Argentine Republic since June 2020 and by this National Congress by Joint Resolution 0010/20 of September 14, 2020.”

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