A woman agreed to euthanasia in Peru after a long legal battle

A woman agreed to euthanasia in Peru after a long legal battle
A woman agreed to euthanasia in Peru after a long legal battle

Psychologist by profession, the woman He died on Sunday after doctors of the state health insurance EsSalud proceeded to carry out the “plan and protocol for a dignified death”, prepared after Estrada won two years ago a trial that began in 2016 to access euthanasia It was illegal in Peru.

“Ana left grateful with all the people who echoed his voice, who accompanied her in her fight and who unconditionally They supported his decision with love“says a statement sent through social network X by his lawyer Josefina Miro Quesada.

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Euthanasia It is not allowed in many countries and in Peru, where the majority is Catholic, many conservatives strongly oppose to this practice.

In Latin America, Colombia allows procedure under certain conditionsand in recent months Cuba and Ecuador opened the legal door also to the procedure.

In an interview with Reuters in 2022, lAfter the historic court rulingEstrada stated that he hoped that his case will set a precedent in Peru, as he sought to put an end to a illness that attacked his health progressively.

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The woman by profession a psychologist suffered from polymyositis three decades ago, a disease that attacked her muscles.

“It will come at a time that no longeror I may not even be able to write, or be able to express myself. My body fails, but my mind and spirit are happy. I want the last moment of my life continue to be like this, in freedom, with peace, calmly and with autonomy,” he had stated.

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The ruling in Peru on euthanasia orders not to apply the penal code of the country, which punishes a person who helps another die.

In this case it freed responsibility to doctors which eventually helped end Estrada’s life.

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