“The US has not complied with even a single point of the agreements,” Maduro complained again about the return of sanctions

Nicolás Maduro. | Photo: Courtesy

Nicolás Maduro complained this Monday to the United States for not “compliance with even one comma” of the agreements they signed in October 2023, which ended up reestablishing the sanctions.


During a broadcast, he insisted that the US made “a huge mistake” with license 44 and that despite the meetings they held in Qatar and Milan, they did not lift the economic measures.

“The US made a huge mistake and they hurt themselves. Our head of negotiation, Jorge Rodríguez, said it ‘they took a shot in each foot’. Unfortunately, as has been demonstrated with the official documents signed by the US and us. The US did not comply with one comma, not one word of the agreement signed in October in Qatar,” he commented.

“After five meetings in Qatar, two in Milan and about ten video conferences, which led to an agreement with the United States. By now they should have lifted all illegal sanctions against Venezuela. They had launched a candy bar, we are going to give them a license, and the next day Blinken came out saying that, if Venezuela does not do all this and that, we will take away their license. That license was stillborn,” he added.

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