Jaime Pumarejo assumes the executive direction of Breathe Cities

Jaime Pumarejo assumes the executive direction of Breathe Cities
Jaime Pumarejo assumes the executive direction of Breathe Cities

The former mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo Heinsis the new executive director of the global initiative Breathe Cities. The announcement was made by Clean Air Fund, one of the philanthropic organizations behind the project.

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“Jaime will lead the program after being mayor of Barranquilla between 2020 and 2023, gaining national recognition for having led the city in the midst of crisis of Covid-19, establishing it as a model of sustainable and inclusive urban development. He was also Minister of Housing in 2017,” Clean Air Fund noted in a statement.

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Pumarejo was happy with his choice for the new position and already outlined the first lines of what the project will be under his direction. At the same time, he placed his ambitious goals.

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“I am excited to take the leadership of this crucial alliance and help clean the air that millions of city residents breathe every day. Every Breathe City is already launching an action plan to reduce air pollution and climate emissions by 2030 and set an example for other urban areas,” said the former Barranquilla president.

To its turn, Jane BurstonCEO of Clean Air Fund, highlighted the vast experience of Pumarejo Heins addressing challenges such as the several he had during his administration in the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office which ended in 2023, being one of the most favored leaders in the country during his four-year term.

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“We are delighted to have Jaime lead Breathe Cities. With 99% of us breathing toxic airJaime’s rich experience tackling the biggest problems that cities face will be invaluable, both accelerating practical actions like carrying clean air like a urgent priority“Burston said.

The new executive director of the initiative globala partnership between Bloomberg Philanthropies, Clean Air Fund and C40 Cities, becomes, after Christian Samperin the Colombian with the highest position in the private sector and in sectors environment of the world.

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“I wish we could expand initiative even further and help millions more experience the health benefitsthe environment, the economy and the social justice that the clean Air“Jaime added.

Antha Williamswho leads Bloomberg’s Environmental Philanthropy program, also spoke: “Residents of cities around the world they deserve clean airJaime knows what it takes – from leveraging information to encourage public engagement and design and deliver smart innovative policies – to deliver exceptional results for the people on the ground.

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