Pets: when does my dog ​​feel cold?

Winter begins and concern for our pets increases and it is common to ask ourselves certain questions such as how much does the cold in them? What to do when my dog has cold? How do I know if it has cold?, we find the answers by paying attention to the signs they give us.

The end of summer, the drop in temperature and icy winds can affect our pets. Although it is true that they regulate their temperature differently than humans, they are vulnerable to pain, so we recommend you follow some steps to prevent them from getting sick.

Add some blankets to your sleeping area. pet. Photo: Shutterstock

Some signs or signs that we can see in our pet and that tells us that it has cold, is for example, seeing certain tremors in his body or when he lies curled up. We will also notice that some behaviors change, since they tend to be less active and more withdrawn.

Another way to realize that our dog is suffering cold is by touching its paws, ears and snout, if these are cold it is a sign that our pet has cold. Therefore we must take some precautions, if the dog If he sleeps outside the house, we recommend that you put his bed somewhere protected from the wind. Include blankets and blankets in your resting place.

Low temperatures influence the activity of our pets. Photo: Shutterstock

Also, unlike the hottest times of the year when you peel your pet, it is recommended that in winter you reduce hair clippings, in addition to reducing the number of baths, if you do, try to use a hair dryer. In this way the dog He won’t get sick.

Finally, just like humans, at this time of year they tend to eat more, therefore, provide them with a good balanced food that will help keep them healthy all year round. Proper nutrition will be very important to contribute to your well-being.

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