Five beaches in South America were chosen among the most beautiful in the world, and one is Chilean

Bahía Inglesa is the only beach in Chile that appears on the Beach Atlas list.
Catalina Contreras

Catalina Contreras 05/01/2024 08:05 6 min

The international beach guide, Beach Atlascreated a ranking with the hundred most beautiful beaches in the world. To make this ranking They considered various criteriasuch as value to the local community, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), lifestyle offerings and cultural importance of the beach in question.

Using this series of criteria, we sought to highlight certain beaches that are usually left out of this type of listing, since More factors than visual appeal were considered. For this reason, the list does not only include white sand beaches and crystal clear water.

To obtain the final list, the use of artificial intelligence algorithms was combined with voting by travel experts and influencers from around the world, who helped curate the list.

From this list of one hundred beaches, only five are in South America. Next, we will tell you what these five beaches are and what are the characteristics that made them worthy of this distinction.

Copacabana beach in Brazil

This well-known beach in Rio de Janeiro is the only one from South America that is in the Top 10 of the ranking, reaching number four in the world.

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Copacabana Beach is one of the most famous in the world and one of the busiest in Rio de Janeiro.

This spa It is part of a tourist and vibrant neighborhood of Rio de Janeirowhere there are many restaurants, bars, shops and street stalls selling food, drinks, crafts and souvenirs.

However, The main attraction of Copacabana is precisely its beach, which extends for about 4 km. Bordering the beach is the famous Atlantic Avenue, which is ideal for going for a walk just a few meters from the sea.

Beach Atlas highlights that this mix between urban and natural makes the Copacabana neighborhood considered a must-see in Rio de Janeiro.

Ipanema beach in Brazil

In second place at the South American level we have another beach resort in Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema Beach, which reached the 48th place in the world ranking.

Ipanema is a neighborhood adjacent to Copacabana, which is quite similar to the latter. It is also a very touristy and lively sector of Rio de Janeirowhich stands out for its beautiful sunsets, its extensive beach and for being the site that inspired the famous song The garota of Ipanema.

Other attributes that stand out about Ipanema are its lively cultural scene, as it houses modern art galleries, as well as its lively nightlife, which offers various alternatives to its visitors.

El Doradillo Beach in Argentina

In it 51st place in the world ranking and third in South America is a beach that radically contrasts with the previous two. This is El Doradillo beach, located very close to the town of Puerto Madryn, in Argentina.

El Doradillo Beach, Chubut, Argentina.
El Doradillo beach is a well-known whale watching spot in Argentina.

This beach in the Province of Chubut is known because from it it is possible spot the southern right whale very close to the coastwhich is a spectacle of nature and an unforgettable experience.

The beach is part of a nature reserve 3 km wide and 25 km long that was created in 2001 with the aim of protecting this particular coastal ecosystem. In the area there are several points from where you can watch whales, which occurs mainly between the months of June and October.

Free Beach in Colombia

A short distance from the previous one, in the 53rd place in the international rankingis Playa Libre, a beautiful resort in the Colombian Caribbean.

This beach is located on Isla Grandethe largest of the Rosario Islands, and a place not only known for its paradisiacal white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, but also for its dramatic past.

Beach Atlas highlights that This island housed one of Pablo Escobar’s houseseven today you can still see the remains of the mansion that belonged to this dark character in Colombian history.

Bahia Inglesa beach in Chile

Finally, in fifth place at the South American level and in 74th place in the world rankingwe have Bahía Inglesa, the only beach in Chile to be highlighted on the list.

Bahía Inglesa Beach, Atacama Region, Chile.
Bahía Inglesa beach stands out for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

The beach guide highlighted the tranquility and how crystal clear the waters of this spa are of the Atacama Region. He also highlighted that it is an ideal place to go with the family, since the pools that form on the beach are shallow.

Finally, they describe this tourist town as a paradise for kitesurf loversbecause it has very favorable conditions for practicing this sport.

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