The trick to eliminate cockroaches with only two kitchen ingredients

The cockroachesThey can probably be considered one of the dirtiest and most unpleasant insects that we can find in the home. This is because these little bugs are attracted to all types of food, including garbage and household waste, including feces.

This is why seeing them and having them in the house, especially in the kitchen, can cause a lot of headaches. Luckily, there are some natural and easy tricks that we can implement at home to keep them away. For this, you do not need to spend money on chemicals, with simple ingredients from the kitchen you can solve it.

Coffee is the ingredient main of this sebum against cockroaches. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK

The problem with some insecticides is that we run the risk of endangering pets and children if they are in the home. On the other hand, for this trick you only need a little coffee, sugar and water. Coffee is mainly due to its strong aroma that is unpleasant for these insects, while sugar is because it attracts them due to its sweetness.

To carry it out, you must fill a glass container with water halfway. Then, you must add a few tablespoons of sugar, which, as we said, will act as tallow for the cockroaches. Finally, add another tablespoons of coffee. To have the kitchen completely free of cockroaches and cleanyou can assemble several of these traps and place them in strategic areas.

Delete the cockroaches is essential for the cleaning of your home. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK

The cleaning from the home to eliminate cockroaches It is something fundamental, these insects can transmit around 40 species of bacteria. Among them, we can find salmonellosis, infectious hepatitis, bubonic plague and childhood diarrhea.

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