Chilean president and UN leader reviewed the world situation

The strengthening of multilateralism and cooperation and the updating of the mechanisms of the United Nations Organization to today’s times, particularly its Security Council, were part of the agenda at the meeting.

They also discussed the urgency of declaring a ceasefire in Gaza and the essential support for the distribution of urgent humanitarian aid to the Palestinian population, victims of intense bombing by Israel.

A military assault on Rafah would mean an unbearable escalation of war, killing large numbers of civilians and forcing hundreds of thousands more to flee, and would have a devastating impact on Palestinians and serious repercussions on the region, Guterres said.

During a joint statement after the meeting, the UN leader also referred to the Future Summit, which will take place in New York next September.

“It represents an opportunity for the world to return to multilateralism and be able to face the challenges of the 21st century on the basis of a new agenda for peace,” he stated.

Meanwhile, President Boric specified that multilateralism and cooperation are the only way to work for peace in a world with fair and sustainable social development.

The president reiterated his condemnation of Israel for the massacre it is perpetrating against the Palestinian population in Gaza and attributed direct responsibility to the government led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

He also referred to the necessary reform of the UN and its Security Council or in the end, he warned, little by little the system will decompose because it will no longer be useful.

“We call on countries with the right to veto to put the interest of all humanity above individual interests,” said the head of the Palacio de la Moneda.

António Guterres’ visit to Chile is due to the fact that this country was chosen as the venue for the meeting of the executive directors of the United Nations System, which for the first time in history is being held in a country in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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